How to choose chocolate sweets

Few of us will argue that we all love sweets. Of course we love! Especially children whose body is most susceptible to influence, often not only positive, but also negative. And what kind of sweets are the most popular? That’s right, chocolate. As well as its very common form – chocolate sweets. It is more convenient to carry them with you and more familiar to give. There are currently many types of these products, which makes an impression on everyone – both adults and the smallest.

But how to choose chocolate sweets correctly? To avoid unpleasant consequences? Let’s get acquainted with the following recommendations of specialists.

How to choose chocolate sweets

As for all food products, the expiration date is important for sweets. Chocolate – the product itself is not quickly spoiling, but has a limited shelf life, as well as products in which it is directly included. So, for example, we will store glazed chocolate sweets for 4 months, assorted-2 months, as well as other species-1-2 months.

However, sweets can and do not live to the end of the deadline allotted to him if they are stored incorrectly. Most of all they are afraid of sudden changes in temperature and high humidity. Whitish plaque is a witness to the manifestations of just such malicious storage conditions.

If sweets have an extraneous smell, it means that they were stored near other food products, which also negatively affects their quality.

What are real chocolate sweets made of? The main ingredient for them is cocoa products-grated cocoa (cocoa powder) and cocoa.

How to choose chocolate sweets

If you like the amazing feeling of melting chocolate in your mouth, note that the cocoa-butter is not replaced by other vegetable fats (for example, palm or coconut oil), otherwise this effect will not work.

How to recognize delicious chocolate sweets among the entire assortment of confectionery products? Let’s pay attention to the appearance and smell. If the sweets are of high quality, then their surface is even, shiny and smooth, without any divorces. The aroma should be bright and prevail over the smell of filling. As for it, it should be at least 20% of the total volume of sweets.

If we can evaluate chocolate sweets only on packaging, we must definitely pay attention to the presence of the following information on it:

designation of the standard of the manufactured product;

manufacturing date;

best before date;

trademark and location of the enterprise manufacturing goods;

Net mass (weight of the product itself);

information about food and energy value;

The name of the sweets.

How to choose chocolate sweets

It is also useful to remember that chocolate carries a huge amount of useful properties. This is primarily because this product contains natural antioxidants. They protect cells from malignant tumors and heart disease and cardiovascular system. Other biologically active substances do not allow blood cells to stick together – platelets, which, in turn, prevents the formation of blood clots and t.D. The pluses of chocolate can be listed simply through a comma: it increases the mood, feeds the brain, makes us smart and beautiful, and our bones and teeth are strong and healthy, strengthens immunity, helps our memory, prevents colds, kills bacteria…

However, everything is good in moderation and you need to know what chocolate can threaten us. You cannot overdo it with this product because it is one of the most violent allergens. It also contains fats and alkaloids, which are by no means useful for the body in large quantities.

Choose the right, real chocolate sweets and chocolate, and please them with the magical taste of yourself and your loved ones.

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