How to choose a turnkey apartment for repairing an apartment

It seems so simple, hire workers, buy material and wait for everything to be ready. But in reality, everything turns out to be far from. If you read the news and articles on the Internet, it becomes clear that out of 7 construction companies one or two may turn out to be unscrupulous, others cost unegrated money, and others may generally turn out to be scammers who take money and material, and disappear in an unknown direction, turning it off. Phones.

How to choose a team for repairing an apartment without spending extra money and nerves?

one. Sarafan radio

It is best to contact trusted craftsmen who made repairs from friends or friends. Such companies value their reputation and do everything in the best possible way. And many contractors have discounts from the cycle “Bring a friend”.

2. Internet

Of course, in the 21st century you can find everything on the Internet, and a good company for repairing the apartment too. But in order not to run into unscrupulous workers or scammers, you need to read reviews. Unfortunately, a bright site and several enthusiastic comments do not always talk about the cleanliness of the company. Before ordering the services of the company, ask the numbers of their customers, to which they have already completed work. Or find reviews about the company on other sites.

3. Documentation

Each self -respecting company necessarily concludes an agreement that describes all the nuances. A serious company has several advantages:

• the contract is concluded not on an individual, but on a legal entity;

• you can pay for services by bank transfer;

• before starting the repair, all works and materials that need to be purchased are signed in detail;

• the company must prepare the terms of reference;

• During the signature of the contract, there is a team leader and its employees;

• The company’s page has all the information about contacts, sometimes about the employees of the company.

Some serious companies also provide repair work insurance to the customer.

Of course, you can find a brigade without a contract. According to statistics, such companies take much less for work. But you can not be sure that such a team will do everything efficiently. Therefore, for the confidence that the repair will be completed on time and efficiently, it is better to overpay a little.

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