How to choose wooden windows

There are currently a large number of companies engaged in the production and sale of wooden windows. In each house, the windows have more value. After all, sunlight penetrates through them into the dwelling. Before choosing wooden windows, you need to find out more information and them in order to be able to talk with the manager at the proper level.

Wooden windows can be made of coniferous or deciduous trees. From coniferous trees, the windows are cheaper, but they will also last less. The coniferous tree in production needs special processing, since it is too resistant to moisture. This is cheap wood, which is subject to mechanical exposure. After a while, traces of flower pots may appear on the windowsill. Wooden windows from deciduous breeds will last much longer, but they retain heat noticeably worse. The most optimal windows from larch. Larch wood is relatively light and resistant to moisture and harmful insects.

Due to the lack of the necessary information, the buyer can purchase windows made from a single array of wood. Modern production is engaged in the manufacture of windows from a three -layer timber. This technology makes the window frame more resistant to deformation. The thickness of the window beam should be at least 78 mm, otherwise the window will be poorly protected from the cold. As protection against moisture, the tree is treated with protective soil before painting. After that, the window frame is painted with water -based paint. Good quality windows are produced by firms with established windows. This will significantly reduce the manufacture time of the window frame.

Glass in wooden windows can be in one or two double -glazed windows. Modern wooden windows have good soundproof properties. Single -chamber double -glazed windows are made of two glasses 4mm thick. There is an opportunity to buy windows with a two -chamber double -glazed window. This significantly increases thermal insulation of any window.

The most popular version of a wooden window is a single -barreled window with a single -chamber double -glazed window. For regions with lower average temperature, Finnish wooden windows are recommended. They have a wider frame on both sides.

Wooden windows require special care. Every five years it is necessary to update the paintwork of the frame.

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