Sales of apartments have slowed down significantly

Having analyzed the last month of the real estate market, you can draw a completely logical conclusion – this is the most failure for the domestic real estate market in 2013 – most domestic experts are of this opinion.

Analysts reported that a number of agencies for the reporting period of the whole month and did not at all receive a single application for viewing objects. This information received confirmation from the realtors: the decline, which was recorded over the past month, has not been fixed for a very long time. As the only rescue factor, only the fact that until the beginning of February of the next year, representatives of the Cabinet of Ministers provided the opportunity to carry out all transactions based on old grades. Now all transactions are carried out on the basis of exclusively from old real estate assessments, according to new estimates, not a single deal has been concluded.

Since the beginning of November 2013, fundamentally new rules have entered into legal force to conduct transactions of real estate objects involving purchasing and selling. All owners are now forced to assess the property of real estate in a specialized state property fund, which has appropriate certification. A special computer program was developed for them, which, after entering all the data, will provide a detailed assessment of square meters.

Based on the amount of the assessment, and not a real transaction, from the beginning of last month taxes will be levied during the sale of an real estate object. As the only exception to which the authorities went – the possibility of using until the beginning of February of the next 2014 by grades conducted using old technologies and methods, we are talking about those that were introduced before November 1.

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