With what to combine things of red shades

The things of scarlet colors themselves are very bright and not every beauty dare to try on a defiant-red cardigan or open scarlet dress. Red shades require courage, and then any thing will perfectly fit into the wardrobe and give the highlight to the image.

With what to combine things of red shades

It seems to some girls that red is suitable only for burning brunettes, as if emphasizes their hot temperament and, allowing to shade the dark skin with scarlet shades. This is not entirely true, and blondes and red -haired girls should have red things in their wardrobe, only you need to combine them very skillfully, so as not to be like a clown.

Red dress

This is a classic of the image, red shade attracts attention and does not need additional accessories. Therefore, a red dress of any length is an occasion to abandon bright jewelry, bags and shoes of a non -standard color. It is best to give preference to dark shoes on a hairpin or wedge, simple jewelry and use a regular clutch of gray or black, if you can’t do without it in any way.

Red trousers

Many girls avoid colored trousers, mistakenly believing that they can increase the lower body and only dark trousers and jeans have the right to vote.

With what to combine things of red shades

This is not so, the whole thing is in a competent combination, it is enough to dilute the image with a white blouse or blue tunic like red jeans or trousers will be a great option for a fun party or carefree rest with friends in nature. Shoes in such cases can be any, even white sneakers will fit perfectly into the created style.

Red shoes, sandals or boots

Not every woman can dare to shoes such a shade. But it is enough to create a response with red lipstick or a red cloak as it immediately becomes clear who has a real taste. Red shoes or sandals are perfectly combined with cocktail dresses of dark shades or long silk skirts of translucent fabrics.

Red gloves

This is the same undeniable classic of the genre. Red gloves to the elbow with cloaks or coat with sleeves three quarters look especially beautiful. The image immediately becomes completed and original. Red gloves with a white cloak or coat in a cage are especially combined.

Red blouse

The red blouse is very bright and elegant and it is worthwhile only for special occasions. It is better to combine such a thing with neutral white trousers or a black pencil skirt. High boots will create a romantic image of the Italian flower grinder, you can also add a flower to loose hair.

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