How to choose stockings

From past centuries, female stockings are considered attributes of femininity and sexuality, which is difficult to resist any man. Therefore, stockings practically do not go out of fashion – no matter how it changes, there is always a place for female stockings in it. Moreover, not only young girls are worn by stockings, striving to conquer the young man they liked – stockings are present in the wardrobe and very mature ladies who know their own price. Therefore, it makes sense to talk about how to correctly choose such an important subject of a ladies’ wardrobe as stockings, in more detail.

First of all, let’s look at some rules of the so -called “stranger etiquette”. Firstly, they concern a business woman-stockings in a business style should be almost invisible. For a trip to work, choose stockings of bodily or black shade. Bright stockings or stockings with a catchy pattern for a business style are simply inappropriate.

Secondly, stockings in color should always be harmoniously combined. Remember that the color of your shoes can be darker and more saturated than the color of your shoes. But the color of the stockings is darker than your shoes should not be.

The next rule of choosing and wearing stockings says that brilliant stockings can be worn only in a night club, party or disco. In all other situations – when visiting the theater, exhibition, museum or classical concert, stockings with sparkles will give your image vulgarity, which you naturally do not need.

The color of the stockings must be in harmony with the shades of your clothes. It is best to remember one important rule that will never let you down – the color of your stocking should not be much darker than your skirt or dress.

When buying another couple, it is advisable to give preference to products of well -known brands – only in this case you can be sure that your stockings will not break or lose their shape after the first day of the sock.

Of course, most women know that stockings will sit on their feet better if their composition includes a LYKUR. In addition, stockings with likes are considered more durable and elastic. But, as a rule, such a trend can be traced in the products of well -known brands – the more elastic threads are contained in stockings, the higher their price.

All women are also well aware that stockings, as well as tights, differ in density, which should also be paid attention to in the store. If you intend to wear stockings in the warm period of time, then you should look at models having a density of 20 den. And for cool and, moreover, winter days, stockings with a density of 40 days are more suitable. For those ladies who are too afraid of cold weather, industry produces stockings density and 100 den, in which your legs will be warm even in the most severe frosts.

And, of course, stockings should be purchased strictly in size. Although this rule is probably well familiar to all representatives of the fair sex, among them there are still those who acquire for themselves smaller stockings in the hope that they will pull their legs a little. Immediately I want to upset such women – you definitely won’t get the effect of pulling. You will have other problems – your stockings will most likely do not last for long – they will either break on the heel with the first fitting, or break in another place, and at the most inappropriate moment for you.

With several other problems, those ladies will have to be encountered that will purchase for themselves the stockings of more than they need. In this case, stockings will begin to gather in ugly folds or sag, which, of course, will not add charm to the woman, and her legs – attractiveness.

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