Dacha aliens in Austria

The problem of alien plates has always been interested in humanity, especially contemporaries. Those citizens who still do not believe in the existence of alien plates should in the near future visit the Australian village located in the immediate vicinity of the Vienna River. Since recently, a very unusual and unique country house has been built there, which very much resembles a flying saucer, which has landed about one of the local farms.

During the construction of this structure, a strong brick was used. Products of this quality are sold at, which represents the Upper Volga brick factory.

The creator of this unusual house was a well -known architectural company called Urlaubs Architektur. Its experts conducted the development plan “on chicken legs”. The country house is actually completely on the support beams, which extol the entire structure several meters directly above the earth’s surface.

The total area of ​​the Ufogel building was small in accordance with previously established standards – about 45 square meters. But in reality, this is not a residential building, but rather a suburban cottage that can be visited for a vacation or weekend. Giving in its full understanding.

The house is equipped with three rooms, almost the entire area is occupied by specialized feather beds with soft pillows and even warm blankets. In addition to all this, the Ufogel house is equipped with a toilet, shower, as well as the small sauna in size. The main advantage of the entire structure is the magnificent panoramic windows, from which there is simply a fantastic view of the mountains and forest located nearby, they can be admired almost endlessly.

Ufogel is a real quintessence of a sufficiently functional minimalism, everything is created for the sake of expediency, and extra details are simply absent.

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