How to choose a road suitcase “

On any trip or business trip, you will need a faithful friend who should be an excellent suitcase. He will help save your strength and time, will delight with his faithful and reliable service. If you choose a bad suitcase, you will need a lot of effort and nerves to cope with it, carrying a suitcase at the station or airport, moving along an unusual paved street, climbing the stairs with it. A solid suitcase does not have to cost expensive. There is an average price category in which there is a range of high -quality suitcases. So, choose a good suitcase.

First, you should decide what volume or size of the suitcase you need. Also familiarize yourself with what requirements the airline puts forward to the baggage, that is, what dimensions should be a hand luggage if you have a short trip or you do not want to take your suitcase on your baggage. Most often, the maximum sizes of the suitcase with which you can go on the plane are 60 × 45 × 20 centimeters. It is believed that one passenger sent on a weekly business trip is quite enough for a suitcase of up to 30 liters.

When you leave for rest, you should have several bottles of creams and lotions, books, towels, clothes, so you will need a suitcase with a volume of at least 70 liters. If a family consisting of three members is going on vacation, she will need a capital’s suitcase and a bag of B25 liters, which contains hand luggage. Also, the correct move will not do without a suitcase, it is unlikely that it will be possible to do with boxes and bags.

You should also carefully consider the material from which the suitcase is made. Materials today are in a huge variety, so choose the one you like best. The material will determine the weight of the suitcase. Women should choose light suitcases if they do not have an assistant. The lightest suitcases are fabric. They are durable, scratches do not remain on them, it is easy to clean the dirt from them, using only a wet rag. They are striking, but not suitable for transporting fragile things, and clothes are likely to remember.

The most difficult are the suitcases made of leatherette. Scratches often remain on them, but they have the same properties as the tissue. Solid suitcases gained popularity. In a plastic suitcase, you will never remember clothes, and it does not weigh so much. The strength of suitcases also increases using metal or titanium shavings in their manufacture. Such a suitcase is very durable, even your weight will withstand, will not break and will not bend.

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