Color brick – a novelty in the building materials market

Time has passed when only white and red brick was used in construction. A novelty appeared on the building materials market – color brick. Architects and designers adopted new technologies. With the help of this type of brick, real masterpieces of architecture are created, having a unique and elegant design, thanks to a huge selection of colors and shades. The most popular brick has the color and texture of natural stone.

The production of colored bricks is based on environmentally friendly material. There are three types of colored bricks based on the technology of their manufacture. Color brick can be fully painted, obstructed and with a surface of a metal polymer. To purchase building materials, including reinforcement, a professional, galvanized grid and much more by link /Announces /Materials.

High popularity in fully colored bricks, since manufacturing technology eliminates a change in shade in the places of chips and cracks. Such a brick maintains color for quite a long time and has no stains.

Optionary brick is mainly used when decorating those buildings where the probability of brick surface drifts is very low, for example, high -rise buildings. The monolithic layer of brick is 2 – 3 millimeters. Currently, a brick with a textured surface has more than fifty shades, which allows you to give individuality to any building.

More recently, a brick with a metal polymer coated appeared on the building materials market. It has high strength and withstands both low and high temperatures. Its cost is high, but imitation of almost any surface allows you to expand the boundaries of imagination when decorating the interior.

Color brick is used not only for facing buildings, but also for decorating fences, windows and doors. The color brick was widely used in the decoration of country houses. Old buildings with its help acquire gloss and elegance.

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