“Black” notaries deprive Ukrainians of apartments

But there is good news, however, I personally have. In the last article, I said that the waterproofing of the pools urgently needed. So, the waterproofing is carried out, so you can not worry about the pool.

Notaries are engaged in reselling someone else’s property without any knowledge of their owners.

On the territory of our country, notaries in just a few minutes can deprive the property of Ukrainians. For several long years, Ukrainians can assemble a car for expensive, but in just a few minutes they can lose their own vehicle due to the fault of notaries. In the country, several dozen cars simply dissolved in the air. Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies claim: they are actively looking for such notaries, but at the same time they do nothing specific – lawyers feel great at large, go without fear. Even if you bring the investigator to the wanted one, then the whole situation ends with an exclusively cute conversation.

The whole of Ukraine is known Alexander Perenurtun, the odious black notary, who independently carried out transactions for the sale of not only cars, but also entire houses. Thanks to the trusteeship of high-ranking officials, he felt absolutely impunity. That’s just this fairly arrogant attacker, in the end, failed to catch, despite the fact that he conducted the largest scams.

For this period of time of black lawyers in our country, there are several hundred, since this kind of illegal business is extremely beneficial in Ukraine. Each law enforcement officer has information on those lawyers who should not notice at all.

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