How to choose flowers for the garden

Have you ever thought how to make the world more beautiful? It is very simple, you just need to plant a flower.  It doesn’t matter, it will be a flowerbed, a palisade, or a single plant – from the sight and fragrance of the blossomed buds, breathes, the mood rises, calm and peace come from. The flowering garden is an unusual spectacle in beauty, and every lover -gardener dreams of enjoy this marvelous look. How to choose the right garden flowers to embody this dreams into reality? It is necessary to choose the right “mixture” of flowering plants so that harmony is present in the appearance of flowers and in their exuded smells.

How to choose flowers for the garden

For the garden, choose fragrant plants, such as cloves, fragrant pepper, lavender, phloxes, any varieties of mint- the fragrance of these flowers will intensify in the evening when the sun begins to sit down.

Ideal for landing in the garden, perennial flowers (perennials).  Such plants will bloom on your flower beds for more than one year. They require landing only once, and you will enjoy their flowering appearance for many years, without even devoting special care to such plants.  But perennial plants usually have a short flowering period, so try to choose such species of plants that bloom alternately from spring to autumn.

Perennial plants include: chrysanthemum, gladiolus, dahlia, rudbecia, margarita, lilies, irises, peonies and, of course, roses.  If you plant roses on a flowerbed, garden strawberries, lavender and thyme will get along with them perfectly.

Take seriously the choice of perennial plants, because “perennials” are also called the basis of the foundation of the garden on which the rest of the plants are “strung”.

How to choose flowers for the garden

Annual plants will decorate your garden for one season, but they will bloom from spring to autumn. Feel free to buy marigolds, cornflowers, petunias, lion’s pharynx, nasturtiums and poppies.

The appearance of the garden will delight you not only with bright, plain flowers, but also by contrasting.  The selection of color scheme depends on your preferences and visions of beauty.  If you do not know how to choose the right flowers by the compatibility of shades, take one color as a basis and buy plants a little lighter and darker than the chosen basic color.  Contrast selection of colors lies in opposite shades, for example, the colors of yellow and purple colors, black and red, etc.D.

The dimensions (height) of colors give accuracy and beauty to the garden.  Study the possible height of your plants, the most tall flowers should be planted at the end of the garden.  If your garden is clearly visible from anywhere, then high plants should be planted in the center. Small, small flowers plant in the front of the garden.

How to choose flowers for the garden

An important role in the correct growth and flowering of plants belongs to the sunlight. Flowers are divided into three types: photophilous, partially photophilous and flowers growing in the shade.  Therefore, before buying plants, keep in mind how many light and direct sunlight your flowers will receive.

Sumable flowers should stay in the sun for at least 6 hours a day, partially photophilous- from 4 to 6 hours. And flowers growing in the shade will delight you with their flowering, being only 4 hours a day under sunlight.

Less or greater stay in the sun can affect the splendor of flowers. Remember that growing flowers in the garden is much more troublesome and more responsible than growing in indoor conditions.  Outdoor flowers are constantly exposed to weather. Therefore, it is so important when choosing flowers for the garden to pay attention to their requirements for sunlight and moisture.

Observing these simple recommendations for choosing colors, you can always admire and enjoy the bewitching type of floral compositions of your garden!

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