How to choose a decorative rabbit

If you do not want to professionally breed rabbits, you do not need to try to buy thoroughbred and expensive rabbits. Since it is most likely that you will need to participate in exhibitions, look for a good pair of your new pet, and also have many other troubles.

Therefore, you need to choose breeds a little “simpler”, because there are enough of them. These are “dwarf rex”, “ermine”, dwarf rabbits of a wide variety of colors (black, white, black with light or red tan, chintz). As well as tortoise, “chinchillas”, dwarfs with long hair, breed with hanging ears.

You can purchase a small decorative rabbit from a breeder or in a special nursery. Since in this case, together with all the documents, you have a guarantee that you will receive what you wanted – age, breed, and good health. In the pet store or in the bird market you can purchase an animal without any special documents, but in this case you may begin some problems with the clarification of age and breed.

The thing is that quite often the most ordinary small rabbits are given out for a decorative rabbit. The most important feature that you can choose is especially short ears of a pet, the length of which is from 4 to 5 centimeters and should not exceed 7 centimeters – you must remember this. The weight of an adult decorative rabbit is from 500 to 1500 grams. It’s good if your new pet will weigh from 1100 to 1250 grams. Dwarf rabbits with body weight up to 800 grams most often not so well adapted to life.

Young individuals should not be put up for sale under the age of 6 weeks. Very often they sell unclean rabbits at a small age, when they have a small body and small ears. Rabbits of such an unusual breed as a “ram” are very popular. In rabbits of this breed, the ears stand straight, and with age they begin to sink. Sometimes it happens that the rabbit “Baran” has been raised upward for some time, and the other is lowered down.

If you want to buy an animal on a breeder’s breeding farm, you can see special tattoos on the ears in an animal. As a rule, information about the nursery is indicated on the right ear, and the age of the animal is indicated on the left ear. Before purchasing a rabbit, you must observe them for some time. It is necessary to pay attention not only to a pretty rabbit, but also for his behavior – the most calm pet will suit you.

It is very important that the rabbit is healthy – the rabbit should have live eyes, shiny and clean wool, a clean nose, the ears are also clean from the inside, without dry crusts and black dots. The rabbits should not stick eyes and there should not be seats from them. If one eye is affected by the rabbit, then the reason for this may be a sorcerer, dust or draft. If the eyes of the animal are watery on both sides, then this is the main sign of an infectious disease.

Usually, healthy animals quickly move around the cage, normally take food and show their interest in the entire surrounding environment. It is clear that for some time he can sit motionless, or lie out in the cage. If your new pet sits in the corner of the cell, and its wool is a little disheveled, then this may be a sign of any disease. It is not so difficult to determine the floor of an adult animal, and only a specialist can determine the age of the rabbit age. But sellers working in a pet store should know which rabbit floor.

You must remember that it is not advisable to endure rabbits and adult rabbits by the ears. They need to be very carefully raised by the wool on the back of the rabbit, as it is easier to leave the body and does not cause pain to the animal. You can simply pick up hand rabbits, almost the same way they pick up an ordinary cat, supporting your hand from below.

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