How to choose and use luminizer

It is possible that some representatives of the fair sex are not yet quite familiar with such a makeup tool as Luminizer. And this is quite understandable – it appeared in the arsenal of professional cosmetologists, and then ordinary women relatively recently, and has already managed to gain love and popularity both among others.

How to choose and use luminizer

Before talking about how to choose and use luminizer correctly, let’s still say a few words about what this is a miracle-tool. We can say that in our time no professional makeup artist can do without him, because with the help of luminizer you can give the skin a healthy and almost natural radiance. This effect of this tool is explained by the fact that in the composition of Luminizer there is a ground mica, which makes the skin of the face glows and, as it were, shine from the inside. Another important advantage of this recently appeared means is its excellent ability to mask all the visible skin disadvantages – acne, irregularities, acne, pigment spots and even wrinkles.

It is not difficult to apply luminizer – as a rule, this is done using a special brush. If you do not have such a brush, then you can apply luminizer and fingers – this is quite acceptable.

Luminizer, moreover, can be applied not only to the skin of the face, but also to the whole body – this can also be attributed to its undoubted advantages. In this regard, it can be called even a universal cosmetic product. Such cosmetics, as you certainly understood, has the ability to dissipate light, and this effect can be necessary not only for the face.

How to choose and use luminizer

Now let’s talk about what Luminizers are. The modern cosmetology industry currently produces three types of lumisers-Luminizer-Gel, Luminizer-Pudra and Luminizer-penis. When choosing a suitable luminizer for you, remember that makeup artists recommend using dry luminizers as an independent remedy, and liquid agents can be added to your tonal cream.

Also on sale you can find decorative luminizers, which include a very large number of shimmering ingredients. Such funds, of course, are more suitable for creating evening, carnival or festive makeup.

On the shelves of cosmetics stores, you can find and purchase luminras of various colors – they can be pink, bronze, golden or silver shade. By the way, products of pink, sand or bronze color may well, if necessary, replace blush.

Choosing the color of Luminizra, you certainly should focus on your natural complexion and color of your hair. If you have problem, sensitive or prone to irritation, then you should approach the choice of this cosmetic product with particular caution. Nowadays, luminras made on the basis of natural components can be found on sale. Such luminizers will not score the pores of your face and irritate your skin, so even women and girls who are allergic can use without fear.

By the way, many makeup artists note that it is most convenient to use luminer in liquid form – it goes smoothly and is quickly and evenly absorbed into the skin.

How to choose and use luminizer

But how to apply luminizer correctly, so as not to get one large and shining spot instead of a face as a result? So that this does not happen, it must be remembered that this tool cannot be applied to the whole face, and when applying, you should cost the minimum amount. In general, it is advisable to apply luminizer only to cheekbones – while your face will be transformed, and your problem areas and wrinkles will become less noticeable.

Those girls who want to make a visual accent on their eyes in makeup can be offered to apply luminizer not on cheekbones, but on the skin around the inner corners of the eyes. As a result of this, your eyes will visually become larger, and your gaze is more expressive.

Some representatives of the fair sex apply luminizer not only on the face, but also on the neck and neckline. To do this, it is advisable to use a wide brush so that the radiance obtained as a result of using Luminizer looks natural and beautiful.

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