Plants in the design of the bathroom

Indoor plants can decorate not only the living room or kitchen, some species are suitable for the hallway or bathroom. If you disappear at work and have no opportunity to care for plants, stop on dried or artificial colors. But still, fresh flowers look more advantageous, so select certain species, in accordance with the conditions. You can order stylish bathroom repairs in Naberezhnye Chelny at the company “Voyd”.

Most often, the bathroom does not have a window, so you can suspend shade -loving sylonium or scindapsus above the mirror or on the wall. Nevertheless, sometimes take out the plants into light or organize them with deductive backlight.

As additional lighting, use fluorescent energy -saving lamps. You need to suspend them at a distance of 20 centimeters from a container with flowers. A cartridge with a sealed tip can be purchased at a pet store, in the aquarium department. Halogen lamps and phytolamps are well suited. Ceramic caps will protect the eyes from too bright light. Ordinal lamps look original in the interior of the bathroom.

Will reduce the trouble, and plants will make life easier if there is a window in the bathroom. KASP can be hung in the corner, above the mirror, and the pots should be placed on the windowsill and shelves. Choose a vazona and kashpo suitable for design. In a classic bathroom, place a wicker pot, in the color of the walls, clay and wooden pots. Modern space will decorate shiny vessels, plastic pots. The mirror or window curly vines will be beautifully wound.

If you are the owner of a spacious bathroom, it is appropriate to decorate the interior with large tubs with fern or palm trees. A large plant can be combined with flowers in small pots.

Plants that tolerate moisture and shadow well: platicurium, polypodium, bamboo, spathifalism, tradescantia, kalathea, asparagus, dracaena, anti -hook. Make sure that soap foam does not fall on their leaves.

Mosaic panel in the Byzantine style

Mosaic panel in the Byzantine style made independently by a real work of art. But to create a masterpiece, it will take time and skill.

First, select the place where the mosaic will be located. The panel in the bathroom looks organically. Determine the scale of the work and the plot of the picture.

On dense cardboard, make a sketch from which remove the tracing paper to transfer the pattern to the work surface.

Select the desired thickness of the slab depending on the future size of the panel. If it is small, about 60 by 40 centimeters, 2 cm of thickness will be enough. To make the stove hard, it is reinforced with a regular net – rabitsa. The solution is one part of the cement and 4 parts of the sand. Collect the formwork from rubber tapes, plastic or wooden racks. After three days, concrete will harden. As a rule, the plate has a rectangular shape, but it is possible to create other more complex forms.

If you type mosaic on the wall, it needs to be prepared. Fasten the reinforcing mesh to the surface of the wall, apply the solution, align and draw.

Cheat the smalt with a winning hammer, previously sharpened at an angle of 70 degrees. Sort it by color.

Prepare a solution from a part of cement and two parts of sand, add a little PVA glue for plasticity. Apply the solution to part of the panel with which you will work. Когда раствор подсохнет, наложите кальку и шилом переведите рисунок. Immediately after that, you can start laying out the smalt. Tightly put fragments to each other without pressing too deeply and without moving. If you have not completed the work during the day, cut the unused solution. The next day, repeat the procedure again. Wet the water area of ​​the applied mosaic for the gradual and uniform grasping of concrete with water.

When the mosaic is ready, the coin of the cement can be removed ten percent hydrochloric acid.

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