How to choose a place for fruit and berry crops “

This article will be very useful, first of all, for beginner gardeners. How to choose a place and where to plant a cultural plant so that it grows healthy and brings a good crop.

To begin with, all cultures will grow very badly (and most likely, they will not grow at all) if groundwater is high.

To plant apple trees and pears, the level should be at least 1.6 meters.

For landing, you should choose the highest places on the site. Due to high groundwater, many gardeners cannot grow fruit trees.

You can try to correct the situation by digging the drainage ditches, but only if there is a slope (even the minimum).

If there is absolutely no slope, then only the lift of the soil will save by applying the ground or it is necessary to pour hills into planking boxes (log cabins).

You can not use peat as soil, it will quickly sit down and rot. As a result of this, the roots will be exposed.

In addition, there are more heat in high places, which will contribute to a smaller stagnation of cold air, and with spring frosts, flowers of berry crops (for example, strawberries) will suffer less.

It should also be known that the plums are not so much dependent on groundwater than pears, since their root system is located not so deep in the soil.

Gooseberry requires special location conditions. It must be planted on an illuminated, open and purged place. It will not damage it, the powdery mildew will not damage it, and the harvest of gooseberries will be good, and the berries will be large. Since its roots are located quite deeply, it will feel great in high and dry places. But the most important condition for gooseberries – it should be planted in the place that is open to the south, there is no shadow near it. It will be better to grow next to vegetables.

It is recommended to plant gooseberries, alternating in a row with currant (red or black), or honeysuckle bushes. He will get sick less and amazed at pests.

Black currants must be placed in lower places, with less illumination. Where the groundwater level is higher.

Raspberries are allowed to be planted in more shaded places along the fences. The crop will also be rich, but in this case the berries will be less sweet. Planting raspberry bushes should be in a row, with a distance between seedlings about 1 meter. At this place, raspberries can grow up to 15-20 years. It is not recommended to plant it with long ribbons along the garden. In this case, raspberry offspring will only clog your garden. It is necessary to plant raspberries with a wide plot in 2-3 rows and the distance between seedlings up to 2 meters.

The blackberry must be planted on the southern or north side of the fence (building), where it will be protected from cold winds.

Seedlings must be planted in fertile soil in which there are no weeds and grass.

On the site where it is planned to make landings, it is necessary to dig the trunk circle of the fruit seedling, the diameter of which is 2 meters. Or dig a strip with the same width.

It will be better if the digging will be carried out in two bayonets of the shovel and with the simultaneous introduction, manure, herbs, foliage, compost, charming sawdust or needles.

The so -called black steam should be covered with mulch from tops, lawn grass, minor hay or straw. You cannot bring manure here.

If the site is located near a stream, river, pond or other reservoir, then you should be prepared for the fact that your site will be invalidated. There are a lot of them in such places. You can judge their presence by numerous moves in the ground.

These rodents feed on root crops and potatoes. Later, they turn to corruption of roots in apple trees. Very often they eat all the roots of young apple trees. It is very difficult to fight rodents and many try not to have plots in such places.

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