How to choose a down jacket

With the approach of winter colds, most of us begin to think about the fact that for everyday socks it would not hurt to have a warm, light and comfortable outerwear in their wardrobe. The down jacket that came to us from the Canada known for his harsh winters fully meets all these requirements. A real down jacket can easily be called universal winter clothes – it is warm, comfortable and comfortable in any frost. But choosing a real down jacket is not as easy as it seems – so that it serves you faithfully for many years, when choosing it must be followed by the following rules.

To begin with, it should be said that not all puffed jackets can be called down jackets – only a jacket of fluff can be considered a down jacket. To purchase it, and not for a fake for a down jacket, before buying, be sure to read the label of the model you like and try to find the word “Down” there, which will indicate that there is definitely fluff there. In the manufacture of down jackets, serious manufacturers most often use gaga, swan or goose fluff. The warmest of them is the gaga fluff, but the down jacket is not so necessary in the city of the city – most likely, it will be needed only in the Far North.

Quite often, manufacturers of down jackets add a feather to fluff, which should be indicated in the label. The word “feather” on his label will tell you about the presence of a pen in the down jacket. If you see the inscription “Cotton” on it, this means that you have not a down jacket, but a quilted jacket. The inscription “Wool” will inform you that a woolen vatin is used as a heater in this model, and if you see Polyester on the label, then do not hesitate – there is a synthetic winterizer inside such a product. Of course, a product with a synthetic winterizer is much cheaper than a real down jacket, but such a jacket will be much worse, especially after washing. According to experts, duck fluff with proper care will warm you for at least five years, and even twenty goose, which, of course, cannot be said about a jacket on synthetic winterizer.

In order for you to be warm in any frosts in the down jacket, when buying you should certainly pay attention to the percentage ratio of fluff and pen in it. The best option for winter is 75% fluff and 25% of the pen is. If on the label it is indicated that in percentage the fluff and the feather are equal, then such a down jacket will be able to warm you only in the offseason, and not in the cold.

An equally important indicator of the quality of the down jacket is the elasticity of its fluff, which shows how quickly its fluff is restored after compression. To check this indicator, turn the down jacket into a tube – the less your bundle turned out, the better the product. Moreover, a high -quality down jacket should quickly be filled with air and restore its original form.

Before purchasing a down jacket, it should definitely touch it, rominate well and inspect all the seams. If you feel a tingling tingling or see that feathers are knocked out through the seams or lining, refuse to buy – this is a clearly low quality product.

When purchasing a down jacket, check how convenient its fittings are for you – buttons, Velcro or lightning. Remember that the manufacturer necessarily applies a bag, in which there is a sample of fluff, spare buttons or rivets and products instructions, to a quality down jacket. In addition, a high -quality down jacket, as a rule, has two hoods – warm, designed for snowy and frosty weather, and light, which will protect you from spring or autumn rain.

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