How to choose a boiler?

With the onset of cold weather and in general, in the absence of hot water, boilers are simply necessary. But among the variety of firms and technical characteristics, you can get confused, so in this article we will help to figure it out with this.In practice, there are two types of boilers – gas and electric. The electric boiler works from the network, very convenient, but they have been heating the water longer. Gas boilers are more powerful than electric, but their minus is the installation.

Electric heaters can be divided into two subspecies: cumulative and flow. A heater is installed inside the flow water heater. By type of work, it is similar to an electric kettle. And the flowing one is a small box, in the middle of which water passes through the pipe from Ten. The obvious disadvantages of the flow water heater are:

one. due to high power, not every wiring withstands it;

2. serve no more than one point of water intake;

3. Very demanding on the pressure of water supply.

There are much more pluses:

one. compact;

2. instantly heat the water;

3. unlimited amount of hot water;

four. easy to install;

5. not demanding of water quality;

6. They have an acceptable price.

Accumulative water heaters also have their pros and cons of.

The advantages are that they have slight power, they work even with low water pressure. And the disadvantages: they have very impressive dimensions, not easy to install, so it is better to entrust it to specialists, limited hot water, which can end at the most inopportune moment.

The choice of boiler volume is also a very difficult task. According to the calculations, a family of three people need approximately 80-100 liter boiler. Next is the price category, the most expensive boilers from $ 200 have a heating timer, a presentable view. But even the cheapest boiler from $ 50 can serve no worse than the previous one. Therefore, before purchasing a boiler, decide on the device, calculate how much water you need, choose a place to install.

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