We arrange the furniture

Wardrobe, soft kit, corner kitchen set. It seems that we have already decided on the choice of furniture we need. It remains to be soaked on furniture salons, or maybe even online furniture stores to choose the very furniture that we need. However, is it really worth it to acquire?

No, we, of course, are completely convinced of the functionality of the same wardrobe. Just cabinets are different in size. The same applies to any other furniture. This is where the need to lay the arrangement of furniture is found out before buying it. Well, you can buy high -quality furniture with a discount on . The question arises of how to plan space for future furniture?

one. First, walk around the room to figure out where it will be better to stand. At the same time, “arrange” roulette. It will be needed to measure each angle, which will determine the maximum permissible size of future products.

2. It will be good to draw on the wall the location of wall furniture (for example. cabinet, chest of drawers, shelves). So you even better orient yourself in the location of “vertical” places for storage.

3. You can draw a scheme of the premises, guided by a certain scale. According to this scale, furniture items are drawn, which are further cut out for rearrangements in the scheme. Thus, t.e. When rearranging sketches, you can also facilitate the choice of optimal setting of the kit.

four. There are computer programs for choosing furniture that help virtually arrange furniture around the room. The latter is photographed to get a picture that can be added to the application and get an interior base for selecting/combining products from the catalog.

5. In addition to the walls there is another floor. Therefore, we make markings from below (this time with painting tape).

6. Finally, the best option is the help of professionals who will take all the troubles on themselves who can create unique and convenient design projects of furniture. True, there is a minus here – the high cost of the service. For this, experts have developed T.n. express design consultation, in which the customer is limited only by a few tips. Hence the cost of work is significantly reduced.

We emphasize that when arranging furniture, it is necessary to create an individual semantic center in each room. For example: in the bedroom this center is a bed, in the hall there is a sofa and chairs (you can a fireplace or chandelier), in the kitchen – a dining table, etc.D.

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