How to choose a canopy in a crib

Having hung a canopy over the baby bed, you will not only give her a special aesthetic appearance, but also protect your baby from exposure to various insects in the summer and from the dust in the room, without taking into account ventilation and cleaning and cleaning.

How to choose a canopy in a crib

With the help of a canopy, it is great to limit the space visually. Thus, the child will be able to quickly get used to the new habitat and will feel in full safety.

Where to start choosing a canopy on a crib for a child

Firstly, it should be noted that the canopy will not be able to ensure that the fabric is very tight. It is because of this that he will be able to act as a barrier for flies, but is not capable of protecting from the effects of insects one hundred percent. To overcome this problem, many recommend using a mosquito net.

Secondly, it is no secret that on a canopy, like any other thing, particles of dust are falling. Let’s tell you that this is very good. Why, you ask. The thing is that the more dust falls on the canopy, the less it will be on your child.

Thirdly, it will be best to purchase a canopy of neutral color. Because bright colors can cause anxiety in babies.

How to choose a canopy in a crib

Fourthly, pay attention to the materials from which the canopy is made. Give preference to natural, because synthetics poorly passes the air, and in addition, is capable of electrification. If a canopy is made of chintz, tulle or organza, then you can safely buy it.

Fifthly, stores offer customers of canopies of different types. Among them there are low and medium sizes, and long. Low canopies perform an aesthetic function. They are used only to enjoy them.

The most acceptable length is a medium -sized canopy that ends where the mattress is located.

How to choose a canopy in a crib

With the help of this type of canopy, you can easily hide the baby from unwanted light and evil eyes. In addition, this canopy will perfectly create a sense of danger to your child.

The longest canopies are similar in terms of functional purpose of average, but only differ in length. The negative side of the long canopy can be folds that come into contact with the floor and cling to the clothes and limbs of a person.

Sixth, except for the above, there are also canopies that can close the head of the baby, and canopies that envelop the whole bed of the child. The first species is most often used as part of the decor and protection against light, and the second species is designed so as not to miss drafts, various insects and retain heat.

Badge care methods

Badkhins require frequent attention and cleaning, because the dust that sits on it soon can be on a child.

The canopies made of tulle or organza are characterized by very fast drying. They do not need to be ironed.

How to choose a canopy in a crib

Therefore, the time for cleaning will need to be spent quite a bit. You can purchase a transparent canopy if your baby is in a finished room.

Baldakhin, which is made of fasting materials, is recommended to be bought without ruffles and frills on it. Most often, mothers simply will not have enough time to put it in order.

Having put a crib in a common room, purchase a canopy, which is made of dense material that does not let light and protects from drafts. Then your child will sleep calmly and nothing will disturb him and he will feel completely protected. Think, because such a canopy is difficult to pass fresh air.

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