Secrets of high -quality plaster

Such an event as buying new housing is not only joyful, but also causes a lot of trouble. Typically, the owners pay great attention to the ceiling and walls, the condition of which leaves much to be desired.  What is the way out of this situation? Of course repair!  This word scares many, but knowing some secrets of plaster, you can not only make repairs yourself, but also monitor how builders do their work.

The easiest way to get rid of defects on the ceiling is to use smooth stretch ceilings. What is the walls swing, then the situation is a little more complicated. First we will talk about what you can’t do in any case.  A gypsum solution should not be applied to concrete. This can lead to the fact that not only plaster, but also the wall will begin to collapse.  Lime solutions do not need to be used for a gypsum surface. During drying, gypsum gives shrinkage, and the plaster begins to expand.   It is necessary to finish electrical work. Otherwise, you can damage a new coating.

The walls are plastered in two or three layers. Before applying a new layer, you need to allow the previous. He should dry in natural conditions. You can not put it at a minus temperature, because the plaster does not dry, but simply freezes and shows.

Before proceeding with plastering work, it is necessary to finish electrical work. Otherwise, you can damage a new coating.

Also, do not forget about the use of reinforcing tape and nets that are used in order to protect the plaster from cracking and give it mechanical strength.

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