How to choose a boxing pear

Boxing pear is a sports shell made in the form of a pear, ball, cylinder, pillows and humans. A pear is used to hide skill, technology, power, coordination and accuracy of impacts.

How to choose a boxing pear

Boxing pear is a very important inventory for athlete training. Currently, there is a huge variety of boxing pears that differ in weight, filler, shape, purpose, structure and type of material from which the inventory cover is made. Therefore, it is very important to choose the right shell for training as much as possible, given all the nuances.

First of all, pears differ in weight. There is a heavy, medium and light inventory. Heavy pear has a large size, high cost and reaches 110 kg. Therefore, this type is common mainly in gyms and sections.

Pear of the middle weight category belong to the average price segment, reach 60 kg and are acquired mainly for home training.

A light shell is designed for children’s training. It has a small size and its weight ranges from 5 to 30 kg.Boxing shells differ and filling. Water, sand, sawdust and rubber chips can act as a composition. Each type of filler is used for various stages of athlete training. And also, the weight of the projectile depends on the filler.

Types of boxing pears

Classical pear. It is a bag weighing about 40 kg, designed for working and training basic blows. As a rule, it is suspended vertically;

Uppercept. A pear weighing 25-50 kg is suspended horizontally for training hit from below.

Pneumatic. This type of pear is installed on the floor and is designed to train sharp blows and protection from them, since the inventory “gives change”.

Hydrogrosha. Hydrogrosha is made in the form of a human body, which allows you to work out the accuracy of the athlete’s blows.

The pear is wall. This inventory is attached tightly to the wall and is used to work out force strokes.

Bag for series. Pear is used by professionals to develop serial shocks.

CHEIZER. Has a small shape and weight, presented in the form of a ball and is used to train light shocks on speed.

Dummy. The shell is made in the form of a human body for maximum closeness to real battle conditions. Tightly attached to the surface, during training remains motionless.

In most models, a mannequin growth can be adjusted. Weight depends on the filler and ranges around 140 kg. This boxing shell is designed to develop power attacks on accuracy.

How to choose a boxing pear

When choosing a boxing pear, it is necessary to focus, first of all, on the goal of training, what kind of shocks it is necessary to work out. Then you need to decide on the weight of the projectile. The most appropriate is the weight as close as possible to the weight of the athlete himself, but this applies to pears made in the form of a person, as well as those shells on which training will be worked out for force.

How to choose a boxing pear

When impacts, the athlete should not have pain, and the hand should not slide on a pear. This indicates the improper quality of the case material.

The rigidity of the projectile is important. Before buying, you need to check the pear with a few beats. If it is too hard and dense, there is a risk of knocking out the joints, and if it is too soft, then you can turn your hand.

Quality and material of the case

Pears are covered with leather, leatherette, vinyl, etc.D. The most durable is a leather cover, but such a cover is more expensive than vinyl or leather. Therefore, here the choice is based on practicality and durability.

Boxing pear is a mandatory inventory for a boxer training that directly affects the quality of training. Therefore, you should take care of its choice.

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