Color solution – a novelty in the decorative decoration of buildings

The novelty of building technologies will give an expressive and attractive appearance to the building – a color solution. It appeared recently, but has already earned popularity and widespread use, thanks to the variety of colors.

Manufacturers of colored solutions are domestic and foreign companies that offer many types of material. It can be used when laying internal and external structures, such as partitions and facades. The color solution is used to put the seams and plastering inside the building and its facade.

The basis of a colored solution is a white sequence in which various minerals are added. Typically, the solution is supplied in bags of several tens of kilograms. The solution is completely ready for use after mixing with water. To do this, use a concrete mixer or a vertical mixer. For 25 kilograms of dry mixture, 3-4 liters of water will be required. It is better to pour the minimum water, and in the process, if necessary, add more. In the cold season, it is recommended to use warm water. Use the solution within three hours from the moment it is prepared.

The cost of a colored solution is higher in comparison with the usual solution. However, the technology of its preparation is simpler and takes less time. On the surface of colored solutions, the appearance of traces of salt that came out is excluded.

Color solution has significantly expanded the decorative capabilities of work in construction. With its help, the color of the seam will fully repeat the shade of brickwork. Or, conversely, by the command of design thoughts will create a contrast of flowers. It should be noted that completely identical bricks will have different types when changing the shade of the solution. Therefore, you need to consider all the options and opt for those that make up the most exquisite and unique combination.

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