Decorative board lining

Log is a decorative board. It is intended for internal and for external decoration of the room. It can also sheathe doors, walls and ceilings. This is a popular material that does not go out of fashion.

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The lining differs from ordinary boards with its appearance. Boards lining the same have a profile and a spoon, as well as a groove designed to join the plane. Lining boards are divided into Euro -car and lining. In the manufacture of European women, European quality standards are observed. This imposes its restrictions on quality parameters. The Europeanizer -Wagon is characterized by thickness, width, profile and quality of processing its surface. It has longitudinal ventilation grooves in order to remove condensate and remove the voltage in the board, which can occur when temperature drops. EVERTHOURSENT can be called differently: blockhouse, American, standard. A characteristic feature of all types of Eurolinka is a groove -grown deep connection.

An important parameter is the moisture content of the tree. A tree, with a dryer, can lose its size and width. But the lining that was dried in the chamber has a humidity of no more than 12%. By that, it gives a much smaller shrinkage compared to wood.

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