The pipes of the warm floor

At this stage of construction, warm floor is mounted, almost every house or apartment. It is not difficult, very convenient and comfortable. Each person will be much more pleasant when his legs are warm. It is possible for everyone to make it to be addressed to specialists or professionals. First clear the surface and purchase the necessary material.

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To do this, you will need a warm floor, thermal insulation material, waterproofing material, a tape for deformation. And of course think about what coating will be overlaid on the warm floor from above. You can use a special mixture intended for a warm floor. First we lay thermal insulation with a certain density and thickness. Then the polyethylene film is placed, which will be instead of the waterproofer.

Pave the dumping tape around the entire perimeter. Reinforcing mesh, and pipe pipes with the selected project. Check the system for leakage under pressure, for the presence of mechanical damage. And the last step is poured with a concrete screed. The floor is heated throughout the area, which significantly saves electricity or gas. With the installation of a warm floor, you can significantly save the budget.

A relatively not long ago, the concept of repairs included gluing wallpaper and painting floors, but since then the technology has stepped far into the forward. Such a thing as “warm floor” has settled tightly. A couple of years ago, wealthy people could afford it, but thanks to new technologies, the floors became available to most people who started repairs. In the current field of services, when not only sold, but also at the request of the client and install, everything has become much easier. Well, to talk about the advantages of the warm floor, we think is not worth it . It is much more pleasant to your feet, forgetting to put on home slippers, feel pleasant warmth, not a disgusting cold.

There are two methods of heating of the floors: electrical elements and pipes with the supply of hot water. In the case of pipes there are nuances. It makes no sense to install them if you have heating with a common boiler room. It will be much more reliable and warmer in the presence of autonomous heating. In the case of electrical elements, things are much better, due to its complete autonomy. The installation itself is also easier than the first option. One of the main disadvantages of the electrical version is not small electricity accounts. Both in the first and in the second case you will have to pay more, but this is the price of convenience. Well, or not, is it only your choice.

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