What is Mori’s style in clothes

At first glance, it seems that it is almost impossible to come up with some new style in clothes. Indeed, modern fashion can please everyone, because it has styles for all tastes and occasions. For fans of classics in clothes there is a classic style, for business people there is a business style, and young people can choose one of the areas of avant -garde fashion for themselves. But, nevertheless, something new appears in fashion again – this time the new fashionista has become a novelty for all fashionistas. To completely plunge into him and understand his nuances, first let’s look fluently at the story of his appearance.

What is style &Laquo; Mori&Raquo; In clothes

Mori style appeared in Japan. Translated from the Japanese language, the word “Mori” means “forest”, but this does not mean that lovers of this style should wear only things of the color of blossoming foliage or green meadow. Rather – clothing should externally remind others that there are still beautiful and modern forest nymphs, which are alien to the problems of modern life.

If you believe Japanese specialists, then the style of Mori is a special philosophy of life that does not tolerate the rapid rhythm of life, lightning -fast decision -making and quick movement in life and in space.

Of course, all this seems very interesting, but let’s get closer to how the representative of the fair sex should look like, dressed in the above -mentioned style. One of the principles of this style is that the girl should dress unusually and at the same time beautifully, and the next principle says that at the same time she should be warm and comfortable in this clothes.

But is it possible to combine all these principles in the same style? You can, if you adhere to the following rules:

The style of “Mori” implies the clothes of muffled colors and tones, for example, it can be shades of gray, green, sand or brown flowers. Other muffled shades, more rainbow, can also be present in the ensemble, but in a small amount. But as for something bright and elegant, in the style of Mori this is allowed only in accessories, for example, for example, it can be bright, but small in size, brooch.

What is style &Laquo; Mori&Raquo; In clothes

As for the silhouette of clothing chosen in this style, it is impossible to make a mistake here – it can only be a silhouette called “trapezoid” or a -siluet. Everything should be just such a silhouette. Of course, a modern woman is unlikely to do, for example, without a turtleneck or a fitted blouse, but at the same time, if she chooses the “Mori” style, then there should be a cloth, snood, scarf or steamer on top of her on top of her. This is necessary so that the silhouette visually looks like a trapezoid.

For fans of the Japanese style of Mori, grandmother’s chests are just a find, because they can find many things that fit perfectly into this style. For example, it can be grandmother’s shawls, scarves and any other things that look “grandmother’s”.

Mori Style is a convenient style, so it cannot be things that would tighten you, squeeze you any movements. This principle concerns both clothes and shoes.

Another important criterion for the Mori style is multi -layer in clothing. It will be better if such multi -layer even catches your eye. For example, you can afford, without being afraid to overdo it, put on a skirt with the oxen, on top of it a trapezoidal tunic with any decorative element. By the way, shutters, frills, ruffles – this is also a bright sign of Japanese Mori -style. Such decorative elements can be not only on clothes, but also on shoes, socks or tights, and even on accessories. This is only welcome.

What is style &Laquo; Mori&Raquo; In clothes

And, finally, the last advice to those who want to look like a Japanese girl who adheres to Mori -Style’s clothes – there should be things only from natural fabrics in your wardrobe. In this case, clothes can and should be decorated with lace, knitted elements or fur. By the way, the fur can be both natural and artificial. You should not use metal jewelry or plastic in such an ensemble – it will be better if it is made of wood.

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