What is a preppy style

In modern fashion, something new is constantly happening-more recently, a new style has appeared, which is called prep. What is it? Let’s talk about him more.

What is a preppy style

The name of the prepae style comes from the English word Preparatory, which means “prestigious school”. Graduates of such prestigious American schools are dressed, respectively, in their own style, which began to bear the name. What is included in the concept of this style? How to dress in order to match him? Let’s look at all these questions and give the answers to them in the underlying article.

The concept of the style of the preppy includes not only clothes, but the whole image of a person. To look in accordance with this style, you need to be fresh in any situation, wherever you are, and whatever you do.

Of course, those who want to dress in the style of prepue, it is necessary not only to monitor the purity of their body, but to take care of the purity of their face – it should not have any acne, acne, redness and inflamed areas. If you have similar problems, then it is advisable for you to get rid of them completely, otherwise your correspondence will be incomplete to the prepue style.

Girls who love bright makeup and want to try on the style of American “golden youth” will have to abandon bright lipsticks, shadows and blush. This style loves restraint and naturalness in everything, including makeup, so the only thing you can leave in your cosmetic bag is cosmetics in the style of nude. Also in the style of prepue, lip gloss, which a female person is expressive and sophistication is welcomed.

What is a preppy style

Now let’s talk in more detail about the clothes in the style. And immediately I must say that all the clothing of this style differs from the things of another direction at its price. Clothing in the style of preppy simply cannot be cheap. At the same time, it still cannot be pretentious – things in the style of the preppy should be comfortable and neat and at the same time stylish.

The main symbols, so to call, the preparations of the prepary are geometric prints – a strip, cell and rhombus.

What, as a rule, consists of a basic wardrobe of a person dressing in this style? Let’s list all these things. The fan of the prepue style, at least, should have a club jacket or, as it is also called, a blazer; and trousers that have a shortened length in the English manner. As a top, stylists recommend that you have a polo shirt in their wardrobe and, in case of cold weather, a knitted sweater with a jacquard pattern.

Lovers and lovers of the style of prepue should also not forget that the characteristic color of the trousers and shorts in the style of the preppy is, surprisingly, the color of Khaki.

In the women’s wardrobe, respecthers of the St. Preppy style can still be present, of course, trapping dresses and a floral print skirts.

The St. Preppy cannot be imagined without jewelry – they, of course, can be there there. But all jewelry, of course, must meet certain requirements – these can be jewelry that is transmitted from generation to generation, it must be small and restrained jewelry, but their price must certainly be high.

What is a preppy style

Now let’s dwell on accessories in detail, and, if more specifically, then on bags in the style. It will be better if they are small, although this style quite allows large bags from the world -famous manufacturers. And one more mandatory requirement – the bags should be designed in the same color scheme with clothes, it is undesirable to use contrasting colors.

Only classic shoes are used. For relaxation, these can be ballet shoes, oxfords, lofors or sandals with a stable heel. To enter into the light and for business meetings, of course, another shoes are already required – classic shoes -lodges for representatives of the beautiful half of humanity and black or brown shoes made of genuine leather for men.

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