LED tape for lighting space in the kitchen

Will change the atmosphere of the kitchen and bring a touch of comfort to the room such a simple thing as LED backlight. Such lamps are easy to make with your own hands, for this you will need LED ribbons or modules, and in some cases aluminum profiles.

Light source located above the hinged cabinets will radically transform your kitchen. For the illumination device, you will need to clean the surface of the cabinet, as it is necessary that the double -sided tape holds the LED tape quite reliably. Wipe the surface with alcohol. If pollution cannot be removed attach the tape using connective clamps or aluminum profile.

Arlight LED ribbons tightly press and see the reliability of the mount, then you need to install the power supply. If you have no experience working with electricity, entrust this business to the master. If the power supply unit, in no case connect it to the network. Check the backlight, if you do everything right, it will light up. If this does not happen, check the connection of the wires and their polarity.

Popular illumination of the working surface on the tables of the kitchen. After all, when we cook, we stand with your back to the light source. In this case, LED equipment is installed under attaching furniture.

You can use the LED tape and the aluminum profile Arlight for the ice of the tape. The profile will help to fix the tape in the necessary position. Profiles can be decorated in any color, consonant with the general style of the room. And if you purchase a round profile, it can be used as a rating, which looks very original.

For illumination, take a white tape. Under daylight, products look natural. The white light of a warm shade allows you to visually make food more fresh, but the cold light, on the contrary, will look unappetizing.

Use backlight as a decorative element. For example, LED ribbons can be installed in the lower part of the furniture, the legs are closed with a panel or not, this can be done in any case. To do this, take a moisture -proof tape with IP65 protection level.

Practical and conveniently highlighting furniture from the inside. To do this, use furniture lamps with touch control. Point lighting works when the door opens.

Also, for the convenience of use, there are lighting controllers, contactless inclusion and other devices.

Budget version of the backlighting device – just stick the LED tape to the selected place.

Linear lamps, are also simple in installation have a transparent or matte ceiling.

Prefabricated lamps – are installed in places where it was not possible to choose other options, and they look more elegant.

Do not limit your imagination, experiment and see how the room is transformed, additional backlight gives comfort and a touch of exclusive in the interior.

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