We are building reasonably, we save on materials

The laws of economical construction of a house imply a reduction in expenses on excesses, without which it is possible and should not be done, but do not imply saving on the necessary things. The structure as a whole, like its components (walls, foundation, roof) should always remain reliable, give the residents the heat and a feeling of absolute satisfaction from their “fortress”. The price of the object largely depends on the materials used.

Expenses can be optimized due to the wider involvement of building materials of domestic production, which in fact are even better than imported analogues of the Baupro online store. This applies, first of all, wall and thermal insulation materials, and say the clinker, the front brick of our manufacturers with the same quality indicators can offer half the price. Most likely, the excessively high cost of foreign products is due not to special quality, but a longer shoulder of delivery, import duties.

To save well on communications and materials for decoration, give preference to cheaper, similar in quality of products of our companies. You will not only save your budget, but at the same time you can support the formation of a domestic manufacturer. In extreme cases, cheap plumbing, tiles or wallpaper can be replaced with the first cosmetic repair. By that time, you will already have time to move away from the financial shocks related to the construction of a country house, you will not be in temporary timekeeping.

Materials at a lower price is better to look not in construction supermarkets, high -marginal salons, but through the Internet directly among manufacturers of products or their regional dealers. In addition, it is not worth the purchase of building materials before negotiations with the builders of your house, who know exactly where and what can be bought cheaper. Solid construction organizations that have been working in the local market, as a rule, have their own special discounts in many wholesale warehouses, stores.

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