Village -style walls

Everyone dreams of creating a pleasant and cozy atmosphere in his apartment or house. I want housing not only to comply with sanitary and accepted standards, but also to be pleasant residents, and the interior design should correspond to the inner world of a person. Old and shabby wallpapers will not inspire and cheer up, so you should do such wall decoration during repair, which will serve for a long time. Currently, there is a wide variety of various decorative sections, for example, the most popular – this is a plaster. This universal material is known for the wealth of structures and a huge color scheme.

Plaster is a very simple material in use, with its help you can create a rustic style in the room, and adding dyes, you can achieve unique and beautiful shades that will bring freshness and lightness to the room. It is very easy to prepare a solution of plaster – the finished mass is diluted with water and stirred to the required consistency. Plaster is easily and simply applied to the wall with a roller and brush. The dye must be chosen by the owner of the room independently so that the finished walls and the interior obtained correspond to the state of his soul.

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