How to choose and use tint shampoo

Hair tinting shampoos has recently become a popular means for changing women’s image. And this is understandable – tinted shampoos are inexpensive, have a wide color scheme, easy to use at home and do not apply tangible damage to the hair. Therefore, it makes sense to talk about these popular hair products in more detail and learn how to choose them correctly and how to use them correctly so as not to harm the hair.

How to choose and use tint shampoo

First you should find out what it is – tinting shampoo? But this is just not difficult – the tint shampoo not only washes the hair, but also gives it the shade that you chose. It should be immediately said that when choosing a tint shampoo, you should focus not only on the desired color, but also on the manufacturer – high -quality tinting shampoos of well -known brands do not penetrate the structure of the hair and do not destroy it, because there is no ammonia in their composition. They only envelop each hair with a thin shell, which gives them the desired shade. And at the same time, good tinted shampoos of famous brands also take care of the hair.

As a rule, the shade that you receive when using this tool begins to disappear after the first hair washing. And this does not mean at all that this is a poor -quality shampoo – usually the shade that obtained in this way completely disappears from the hair after five to seven procedures for washing hair.

Now let’s talk about how to use the tint shampoo correctly. To get started, wet your hair and get a well with a towel – the hair should be wet, but water should not drain or drip from them.

Then put on the hands of the gloves and rub the tint shampoo to the hair along the entire length. Do not rub the shampoo into the scalp – your task is to evenly distribute it through your hair. Now leave the tinting shampoo on the hair for about five to fifteen minutes and rinse it. If the resulting intensity of hair coloring does not suit you, then you can repeat the procedure again. The main thing is to understand that the longer you hold the tinted shampoo on your hair, the more bright and saturated shade of hair you will get, and vice versa. The average shutters of shampoo, as a rule, is indicated in the instructions.

How to choose and use tint shampoo

If you have recently made a chemical curling of hair, or bleached it, then you can use a tint shampoo no earlier than two weeks after these procedures, otherwise you may not get the color that you expected instead of the desired shade.

You should also use tint shampoos very carefully if you have recently dyed your hair with henna. And the whole point is that henna is a natural dye and is strongly absorbed into the hair, therefore, if you incorrectly select a tint shampoo, it will be very difficult for you to get rid of the resulting color – in some cases they will be better off at all at all. Hairdressers recommend to girls and women who dyed their hair with henna, choose for themselves tinted shampoos only copper or red color, which will give your hair brightness and shine.

If you decide to use black tinted shampoo, but before doing this, think well – if there are at least some doubts, it is better to abandon this venture. Remember that black hair color is well suited only to girls and women with a dark complexion. Do not think that if you don’t like the black hair color, you can easily get rid of it – experts warn that there will be quite a lot of time while you can become a blonde.

How to choose and use tint shampoo

It is no less carefully recommended to choose tint shampoo and blondes. As a rule, all blondes are united by the same problem – an ugly yellow shade of hair remaining after dyeing or discoloration. It can be removed using tint shampoos intended specifically for blondes – it includes a special purple pigment, which removes an unpleasant yellow tint of hair well. Blondes should especially carefully study the instructions for using tint shampoos in order to always get the desired result.

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