Thermal insulation pipes: all kinds

To protect heat, sewage and other pipelines from freezing and accumulation of condensate, it is necessary to protect them well. Thermal insulation for pipes is necessary when creating ventilation, sewer, heating systems, as well as water supply. This is done to maintain the temperature of substances transmitted by means of pipes.

In addition to maintenance of heat, pipe thermal insulation protects against rust, prevents the effects of harmful and aggressive substances. Thus, it is possible to avoid oxidation and corrosion. For thermal insulation, various materials are used depending on the sphere of use of pipes.

Thermal insulation of sewer pipes and heating

When operating your own house, thermal insulation of sewer pipes and heating is simply necessary. This can significantly reduce the cost of maintaining the building, save energy, save on heating, extend the life of sewer pipes and water supply.

Even innovative materials that have recently been in need to protect. Thermal insulation of PPU pipes not only allows you to maintain heat, but also prevents the physical effect on the pipes of external factors. PPU has thermal conductivity lower than metal. It is recommended when using polypropylene pipes, since PP is the material easily damaged.

Thermal insulation of flue pipes using modern technologies

Both in private housing construction and in industrial, no heat -insulation of chimneys cannot be dispensed with. This simple measure will help to provide protection against wind, a sharp change in temperature and pressure. Thermal insulation of chimneys is installed outside, prevents the harmful effects of moisture, corrosion, protects against harmful substances that occur as a result of combustion.

Thermal insulation of copper pipes

Copper pipes have the highest cost. The scope of such pipes is very extensive. Their main plus is the ability to withstand high pressure, in addition, they are easy to install. This material also has disadvantages, copper pipes are oxidized under the influence of water, can be covered with rust, so copper pipes with thermal insulation are the best option. For thermal insulation of copper pipes, foamed polyethylene or polystyrene foam is most often used.

Thermal insulation of steel pipes

There are many options for saving water supply systems. Manufacturers offer a wide method of thermal insulation of steel pipes using different heaters. It can be glass wool, polyethylene foam, basalt cotton wool and others. Another thing is important, no matter what material is used for thermal insulation of pipes, the price of insulation can also be different, but financial benefits blocks all expenses.

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