LED tape: convenience, simplicity, originality

LED tape can be given any geometric configuration. It is quite strong, mounted in hard -to -reach places, it can be cut off or attacked to the desired length.

LED lighting appeared on the market relatively recently, but very quickly rose to the top of popularity. Buyers are increasingly preferred to modern lamps because of their efficiency and a variety of configurations. Emphasize some interior details, highlight in the room different in the functions of the zone-all this can be using LED lighting. Such a finish will not only delight with its originality, but will also correctly serve according to its intended purpose. In this series, the LED tape occupies a worthy place – a novelty that loved to many designers.

What are LED devices?

These are lamps based on the use of LEDs as light emitters. Their advantages over traditional incandescent lamps, fluorescent and energy -saving equipment are evident:

light up without flicker and shine evenly, so such lighting is pleasant for the eyes;

do not emit vapor of harmful metals;

do not heat up in the process of work;

Suitable for internal and external lighting;

economical – reduce electricity consumption.

It was very convenient to use a thin, flexible tape into which the LEDs were soldered due to the possibility of giving it any geometric configuration. It is quite strong, mounted in hard -to -reach places, it can be cut off or attacked to the desired length, and the coating with silicone film or PVC with a tube allows you to expand its use in an environment of any humidity.

Scope and execution options

LED tape is used for:

decoration of the interiors of the premises;

outdoor design of buildings, advertising;

backlighting fences, aquariums and pools;

Tuning cars.

To embody any idea, manufacturers offer two options for LED tape:

Monochrome: represented in green, yellow, red, blue and white;

universal (RGB): color changes are configured by means of remote control.

What to pay attention to when buying and operating

The parameters of the glow of ribbons are affected by the type of LEDs set on it and their number per 1 meter of length. Their number can be from 30 to 240 pieces. These indicators are directly related to the power of the supply voltage, which can be 12 V or 24 V. Based on the area of ​​alleged use, you can calculate the brightness of the lighting of the territory. You can cut the tape only in certain, marked places. The inclusion in the electric network is provided only through the adapter or power supply in accordance with the instructions.

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