How to choose a color wedding dress

Modern brides, choosing an outfit for such a solemn events in their fate, sometimes want to get away from traditions and choose a color wedding dress for themselves, which sometimes surprises others. Of course, not all relatives and guests are ready to see the bride in a green, red or even black wedding dress, but, nevertheless, fashionable fashion houses are increasingly ending their shows with a color wedding dress, which indicates the relevance and prevalence of this trend. If you adhere to a similar point of view and, moreover, you also gathered down the aisle, then the following tips will surely help you make the right choice of a wedding dress that is perfect for you.

Before you go to the wedding salon for acquiring such an original outfit, it will not be superfluous to discuss your decision with the groom and your closest relatives, so that this does not become an unpleasant surprise for them that overshadowed the whole holiday.

If you managed to convince your beloved man and your close relatives of the correctness of your choice, then further before buying you need to discuss the color of your dress with your witness and your closest friends. Of course, this conversation does not aim to get their consent – at your celebration you are a wave of being that you like you. This is necessary for the reason to avoid, for example, the coincidence of the color of your wedding outfit with the color of the certificate’s dress or a close girlfriend. Not only will it be unpleasant for both of you, but in wedding photos your dresses will merge in color, which will not look very beautiful.

Of course, the color of your wedding dress should also be in harmony with the color of your potential husband’s costume. Therefore, it is desirable that in your pair of newlyweds with a costume color to experiment only one newlywed, otherwise your outfits will most likely contrast in color, which is undesirable. Based on this, try to make your fiancé for this solemn and significant day acquire a classic black costume for yourself, or if the wedding will be in the summer, white – it will be easier for you to choose a color wedding dress for yourself.

When choosing a colored dress for a wedding celebration, it is no less important how the color of the dress will be in harmony with the color of your skin and your hair – otherwise it can happen that the incorrectly selected color of the wedding dress will make the skin of the bride’s face pale and painful.

If you still hesitate in choosing a wedding dress of a classic white color and color outfit, then you can compromise and purchase a white wedding dress with colored inserts. Such original wedding dress models today are also widely represented in wedding fashion salons. When choosing such a model, the main thing is to decide on what in your figure it is best to focus the attention of others – for example, you can visually allocate a dress with a bright bow or a lacing of a contrasting color.

If your wedding is scheduled for spring time, it is preferable to choose a dress for a wedding in delicate pastel and romantic colors – lilac, blue, purple, pale pink or turquoise. In summer, more and more often brides choose bright and energetic colors for themselves – they get married in dresses of rich red, green or blue tones. Autumn brides delight their beloved wedding dresses in golden or sand gamut. For a winter wedding celebration, stylists advise choosing wedding dresses in a blue-blue saturated and cold range.

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