Ispmanager: a tool for managing various web resources and servers

Managing various web resources and servers requires special applications. These programs can provide any settings, improve performance, and protect Internet resources. To do this, it is proposed to use a hosting control panel from a domestic developer.

Basic parameters of a web resource

Ispmanager is a Russian company that develops a control panel of the same name for managing websites or web servers. On its website it offers the following types of services:

  1. Provides an opportunity to familiarize yourself with the Ispmanager application in demo mode. All parameters are already configured here, which allows you to quickly master the operation of the program. It is proposed to install a free trial version of the program on your computers, with the tools adjusted to your own needs.
  2. There is a section that lists all the features of the product, what it can be used for, and what features it offers.
  3. In the SSL certificates section, you can select and install any option to check the site and domain and confirm its reliability.
  4. For partners there are training and reference materials on the control panel itself and related programs.
  5. The “Help” section contains all the necessary documentation and a knowledge base to improve your level of training. Here you can ask a question by calling the numbers provided or writing an email.
  6. The offers are addressed to website owners of any type and size, portal administrators, hosting providers and web resource developers.


The main service on the site is the provision of a control panel for managing web servers and sites. This program allows you to solve many issues for existing or planned Internet resources.

Among its capabilities are:

  1. Support for CMS applications for managing content hosted on a website or server.
  2. Working with web servers Apache, nginx, OpenLiteSpeed.
  3. Protects against DDoS attacks and spam with built-in tools, and can integrate other resources such as antiviruses for operation.
  4. It is possible to configure automatic backup of all information contained on the web resource.

Among other functions, it is worth highlighting a file manager and FTP client, the ability to work with a database, and support for programming languages. Configures domains and DNS records.

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