How to choose curlers

How to create a feminine and romantic appearance, every woman knows- it is enough to create a hairstyle from curly curls. The easiest and safest hair is to create a voluminous and beautiful hairstyle is to wind up your hair on curlers.

Today on the shelves of stores, you can find the curlers different in shape and composition. In order not to get confused in their diversity and choose the necessary curlers for your hair, we will consider in more detail what they are and for what hairstyles are used.

How to choose curlers

Thermograms are better suited for short hair. Such curlers have a cylindrical shape with a special coating. Inside the curlers is paraffin, which will fix the hairstyle with its heat. To use thermal car, they need to be lowered in hot water for several minutes, then fix it on the head with clamps. Paraffin will slowly give heat, so the hairstyle will be well fixed. It is not recommended to use thermal ships for long hair, since heat may not be enough for their entire length and the hairstyle will not be fixed poorly. The minuses of thermogram include the moment that they are not very convenient to get out of boiling water and you can burn your hands, to be careless.

Electrotheracum vehicles become very popular among the fair sex. They quickly heat up from electricity, which is their advantage, but it is worth remembering that any thermal effect on the hair causes them harm.

How to choose curlers

Velvet curlers belong to safe hair views. They are covered with velor coating, which creates a soft, sparing effect on the hair. Velvet curlers are fixed on the head using special sticks that are pushed into the holes of the curlers. Their advantage is that they are suitable for absolutely any length and density of hair.  Such curlers are often used in beauty salons.

Velcro curlers – leaders for creating a lush and voluminous hairstyle (but not curls). They do not have a clamp or other fixing elements- on the head they are attached due to the rough surface, as if clinging to the hair. The disadvantages of such curlers include complex removal, you can confuse hair, and with sloppy movements, it can be painful. Owners of long hair for this reason, it is better to avoid the use of Velcro card.

Bigudi-bumranges, or papillots, one of the loves loved by women. They are made of durable foam rubber, inside which there is a wire. The diameter of the papillot can be large and smaller. For small curls, choose curlers with a small diameter to create large curls with large diameter. It is convenient to use curly bumranges (especially for a night of night sleep), and they are absolutely harmless to the hair. Papillotes can use women with any hair length.

How to choose curlers

In the beauty salons, with a chemical curl, they use bigs “pertussis”, they can be made of wood, plastic and metal. If you choose by the principle of sparing exposure to hair, then you should choose wooden or plastic pertives. With the help of such curlers, hairstyles are created with small, elastic hair curls. Pertishes are fixed on the head with elastic bands.

Plastic curlers – a classic for creating large, curly curls. Their surface is covered with small spikes, which do not allow the hair to slip. They are fixed using an elastic band and a special cap on curlers.

Metal curlers have many holes on their surface, thanks to them the hair dries faster. The disadvantages of metal curlers include their ability to heat up when using a hairdryer. The metal heats up, and this, of course, harms the hair.

So, which curlers to choose depends on several factors: for what time of day do you choose them, what hairstyle do you want to get in the final result, as well as from the type and length of your hair.

Try different types of curlers, train them correctly and thus pick up the right curlers to create the perfect hairstyle.

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