How to choose and wear compression tights

Varicose veins – a real scourge of our time, a disease, especially common among women during and after pregnancy. If during the first pregnancy women faces only minor manifestations of the disease, then subsequent pregnancy exacerbate the situation. According to statistics, after a second pregnancy, more than 60% of women suffer from this ailment.

How to choose and wear compression tights

Excess weight, heredity, poor ecology, smoking and alcohol, close and uncomfortable clothes and shoes – all this also contributes to the development of the disease.

That is why it is worth attentive to the slightest manifestations of the disease and take appropriate measures. As a prevention, phlebologists recommend the use of compression tights that prevent the appearance of pronounced veins and reduce the risk of possible complications.

What is varicose veins

Many naively believe that varicose veins are only an unpleasant cosmetic defect. Unfortunately, this is a misconception, and varicose veins is a serious disease and a symptom of problems in the cardiovascular system. This is especially dangerous during pregnancy, because the ailment can harm not only to the mother, but also affects the health of the unborn child.

Symptoms and manifestations

Both during pregnancy and in everyday life, it is worth periodically inspecting the legs. If you began to notice swelling on the feet, swollen veins, vascular nets or nodules along the veins – this is an occasion to consult a doctor. Even the trace of the sock elastic can be a symptom of the disease. After the examination, the doctor will select treatment for you, which necessarily includes compression therapy. Pregnant women are recommended to wear tights for prevention, since in the early stages of the disease, symptoms may not appear, and pregnancy is very serious on the female body, especially on the blood supply system.

What are compression tights

Compression tights visually look like ordinary tights with high density. But dense tights are created to create a cosmetic and visual effect and do not have therapeutic functions.

How to choose and wear compression tights

Special compression tights are a medical product that has the properties of graduated compression and significantly improves blood outflow in the legs, prevents swelling and restores normal blood circulation. Tights have different pressure on different areas of the legs – the strongest is on the ankles and gradually decreases to the hips.

How to choose tights

When choosing a compression product, you need to pay attention to several important points.

Determine your size. Unlike simple dense tights, compression are not selected by the ratio of growth and weight, but based on individual anatomical features. If you are offered to choose compression tights in this way, then you should think about their compliance with the standards.

Find out your compression class. The most correct compression class will help the phlebologist to choose the most correctly. The pressure of compression tights is not measured in DEN, tights with such a marking will not be therapeutic. Compression knitwear has 4 compression classes that differ in the degree of pressure. The 1st class of compression is indicated with the initial degree of the disease, and tights with the compression class 3 and higher are sold only according to the doctor’s prescription.

Pay attention to the price. This therapeutic compression knitwear is expensive, because it is carried out using special technologies that require the use of expensive equipment, and the appropriate quality control undergoes.

How to choose and wear compression tights

It should be noted that varicose veins is not only female disease. They suffer enough men. For men, manufacturers of compression knitwear offer golfs or stockings, depending on the recommendations of a phlebologist.

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