Dating under the threat of demolition

In our country, information is increasingly found regarding the selection of country houses. Ukrainians literally ask for help with tears in their eyes. From whose side should you wait for a trick?

Neighbors and bosses of cooperatives

In some cases, members who are part of specialized country cooperatives endow certain powers of their members in order to subsequently defend the interests of the summer residents themselves. In some cases, the leaders of summer cottages may not defend the interests of the summer residents themselves, but try to evict them. The reasons for this eviction can be completely diverse – even incorrectly trimmed lawn.

I’ll say that in our country you can now buy a neodymium magnet. In the country, as in apartments, he can always find application.

If we analyze the situation as a whole, then the participants in the country cooperatives themselves have repeatedly confirmed the information that they had to divide the land plots that were in the desolation for a certain period of time. Some lawyers focus on the fact that through the decision of such a cooperative, the entire summer cottage can be selected from the owner, especially if there is a regular non -payment of cooperative contributions. The selection of such a site does not require the intervention of the court, everything can be decided directly at the meeting.

It is possible to make your own position in the framework of the existing personal plot more strongly exclusively if essential temporary, financial and physical costs present when privatizing the land plot. But even privatization cannot be a 100 percent guarantor of the absence of any creeps from the directorate, as well as other members included in the cooperative. Experts do not recommend conflicting with neighbors and carefully read the charter proposed for signing.

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