About City Junk & Gardening Services: What You Need to Know

To get rid of any garbage, it is necessary to order services for its collection and subsequent disposal. For this purpose, you should contact a trusted company with a brilliant reputation, such as City Junk & Gardening. The company provides a full range of waste disposal services in London.


One of the activities is green rubbish removal. The company carries out Haringey garden waste collection. In addition, City of London garbage collection is also part of City Junk’s business. High motivation and many years of experience of the company’s employees allow them to solve any problems as quickly and accurately as possible. In this way, City Junk contributes to keeping the planet clean. Working hours are always agreed with the client so that employees can adapt to his schedule. Garbage removal is carried out from any territories: residential buildings, industrial and commercial facilities, construction sites, parks and gardens. The company specializes not only in garbage collection, but also in the provision of gardening services. Employees of the company will carry out all the work necessary to maintain the beauty of the garden professionally and promptly, and upon completion of the work, they will definitely remove the green debris.


City Junk services cover different types of garbage collection work:

  1. Disposal of household waste is an extremely broad category. It includes different types of work. For example, the analysis of things in the attic and in the basement. Very often, mountains of rubbish accumulate there, which should be disposed of. The company recycles any furniture, household appliances and carpets. Disposal of computers and televisions occurs according to all the rules. Christmas trees after the holiday will be disposed of quickly and efficiently. They are sent for processing to obtain secondary raw materials.
  2. Construction waste removal services may include the loading and removal of waste. Another option is possible, when the company’s employees independently carry out disassembly and only after that they are engaged in loading and removing garbage.
  3. Working with office waste primarily involves the disposal of a variety of office furniture and faulty office equipment. Another type of service is getting rid of paper and cardboard waste that can be recycled.
  4. Gardening services cover the full range of gardening activities, including lawn mowing, bush and tree pruning, and more.
  5. You can order services on the website or by phone.

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