Which portal to use if you want to know what is happening in Kharkiv

It is very important for people to get all the news in a timely manner. In order to implement all this as quickly as possible, it is not necessary to buy newspapers. Now many people have gadgets that can be connected to the Internet. In this case, you can get access to the Sloboda Krai online edition. If you visit Krasnograd news, you can get a huge number of benefits.

Main advantages

The main list includes:

  1. The user menu is carefully designed. This makes it possible to quickly find the required information. In order to do this, you can use a search engine or a filter.
  2. On the site you can find information on various settlements. For example, there is a section Izum news or news of the Volchansk community. This is important, since a person does not need to view a large amount of information that is presented on the official portal.
  3. All news presented on the site have been checked and are true. Therefore, a person can only access verified data.
  4. In order to receive timely notification of added news, you can subscribe to the newsletter. All this will allow you to constantly study the latest news.
  5. The site has a section “Multimedia”. This is important because here you can view pictures, videos, as well as podcasts and comics. From time to time the newspaper Slobidskyi krai holds quizzes with valuable prizes.

In order to study the news not only online, but also on paper, you can pay for a newspaper for a certain period.

You can do this directly on the official web portal.

Additional features

To take full advantage of the newspaper, it is not necessary to use the services of an online publication. Not so long ago, similar information began to spread through social networks. For example, you can often see data in Telegram or YouTube.

People can use the services of this publication in order to tell some news. This information can be submitted directly through a special form. To do this, you need to write not only the news, but also indicate your own e-mail, name, as well as additional contacts. If there are pictures or videos, then you can upload it to the appropriate section. All this will take relatively little time, as well as effort.

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