Where to get a virtual number and in what cases it may be required

A specialized portal presents a unique opportunity to receive messages to virtual numbers. Thanks to this, you can activate various VKontakte accounts and more. To register in various social networks, you must pass verification with confirmation of your phone number. It is in these situations that the 365SMS service comes to the rescue, which allows you to get an unlimited number of virtual numbers. Using the presented sms verification service, you can go through at any time when you activate any social network. The service allows you to verify accounts not only on VKontakte, but also on Google, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, etc.

How it works?

The unique portal works on the basis of automation, which ensures the efficiency of the services provided and their affordable price. The number is provided for twenty minutes and during this time you can receive a large number of messages for the effective activation of various accounts. The user has to pay for SMS. If the number will not accept the message, the money will be returned back. The service gives you the opportunity to take advantage of numerous advantages. A wide range of services is presented here, you can receive numbers and SMS from different countries. The service offers a convenient API. It is designed to provide the most convenient, practical operation. A large selection of service numbers will allow everyone to use the services of the company at affordable prices. Numbers can be bought, retail and wholesale. You can get nice bonuses and discounts. You can get up to 80 percent discount. Discounts are provided for all services, taking into account program loyalty.

Convenient, practical service for every user

This is a convenient, practical service with a clear interface. Even the most inexperienced Internet user will be able to receive services, get a number, SMS messages and activate an account. To use the services of the service, you need to go through a simple registration. If necessary, you can always consult with experienced online consultants. They will help you to correctly understand the service settings and get a number for verification. The service offers an excellent loyalty program, because you can use the services on the most favorable, attractive terms of cooperation. The service is the choice of numerous users.

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