What to combine a park jacket

Park jacket has not gone out of fashion for several seasons. This is understandable – such a jacket not only gives others to understand that her owner is versed in fashion, but also warms her mistress on cool and windy days. And what is a parking jacket? Park in the world of fashion is called long -cut jackets with an elastic band or lacing at the waist and a large number of pockets. Such a jacket, moreover, is very warm and perfectly protects from wind and cold.

What to wear a parking lot with a park

If a parking jacket has recently appeared in your wardrobe, and you still don’t know exactly what to wear it with, then the following article, we hope, will help you solve this problem. But before giving such tips, let’s look at models of such jackets that can be found on the shelves of fashion stores. We hope they will help you make the right choice.

The first and most ordinary models that are designed for daily wear are classical parks. They can be of different colors and most often have a classic, ordinary cut. Basically, such jackets are beige or gray or khaki colors, that is, are made in practical color scheme.

Shorter jackets -parks can be very diverse and even very bright colors – red, green, yellow, blue, blue, white shades. Such jackets, unlike classic models, are usually up to the middle of the thigh or much higher than the knee.

Girls who love the style of “Glamor” modern manufacturers offer the so-called glamorous jackets-park. These models differ from their counterparts in that they are made of bright, brilliant materials and decorated in every possible way. Bright and large buttons, overhead bows or too wide collars can be used as a decor of such jackets. Such collars, as well as sleeves or bottom of the product, can decorate manufacturers with frills, wax or drapery. In the glamorous models, such jackets as a belt can be used, for example, a satin ribbon, and this is quite acceptable in terms of modern fashion trends.

Also on sale you can find completely luxurious parking jackets. Such models can be trimmed, for example, by natural fur, rhinestones, manual embroidery, applications, unusual lacing. Quite often luxurious parking jackets have an original belt.

What to combine a park jacket

What things of a women’s wardrobe are best combined with a parking jacket? Despite the fact that the park is, first of all, a jacket, it can be worn with a skirt or dress. But, if you decide to make such a couple – a jacket and a dress or skirt, then choose a park with a small number of pockets, lightning or buttons. In addition, remember that long dresses or skirts are well combined with a classic park. But with short jackets of this style you can wear shorter dresses or skirts. In some cases, it may be models that have the length of the mini.

Of course, the park, like any other jacket, looks good with trousers. But the pants for the park must be chosen wisely, based on the following rule – under the classic park you should wear classic trousers, and it is best to put on jeans under the sports model of such a jacket.

Stylists advise supplementing your image based on parks using a correctly selected bag. If you like to stand out from the crowd, then give preference to a bright and catchy bag of a bag, and if this is not your style, then the bag can be simpler and more practical. In addition to a bag, other accessories can serve as a good accessory for the park – a cervical scarf, an original scarf or a fashionable headdress.

Create a bow with a jacket-park

If you are lost in choosing shoes to create a harmonious image with a park, then we hasten to tell you that this jacket is equally good for boots, boots, and sneakers. But, of course, do not forget that the park is still a jacket, so shoes that have no high heels go well with it. Heel, of course, maybe, but it should be a low and wide heel or low platform. It is best to wear sneakers or sneakers for jeans – it is this shoes that will look organically in this case.

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