We calculate the wiring

After the repair, it is worth correctly calculated how much wiring will be needed, and therefore it is worth conducting the correct calculations here so as not to run twice. The wiring should be bought only in proven places where there are special documents.

And this is what needs to be done to conduct the right calculations. First you need to carefully measure the room and calculate, then multiply the numbers by 15%, and the numbers received will be a margin for technical calculations. By the way, the multi -layer glass triplex is very popular now, more details about it will not be superfluous at leisure.

If this will be too difficult, then you can use the old method, that is, the area of ​​the room must be multiplied by 2, and this is how much a cable will need a two -room apartment.

If a specialist is invited to this, then you can immediately multiply by 3 or at once 5, and calculations can significantly please.

It happens that the apartment uses two types of cable, that is, one goes to lighting, the other to electrical appliances.  Here you need to roughly lay the cable to the electrical appliance.

You should also not purchase a lot of circuit breakers, you need to choose and buy for specific purposes, and the quantity immediately becomes known. Here you should first purchase an electrical panel.

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