Varieties of bank commissions and basic concepts

There are many banks that successfully carry out their activities.

The largest for today are Haspa, Commerzbank, HipoVereynsbank, Santander, as well as Norisbank and ING Diba. Each account is managed, maintained and controlled by the financial system under certain conditions.

Each calendar month involves a payment of three to eight euros. However, welche bank hat keine kontof?hrungsgeb?hren 2022? It must be understood that there are no upper limits to be guided by.

Basic concept

The commission is a cash receipt in the interests of the bank, received directly from customers on a voluntary basis. Here it is important to highlight a few important facts:

  • an online account without extra options will cost an average of no more than sixty euros per year;
  • accounts where minimum deposits are not implied will necessarily involve a one-time fee;
  • additional funds may also be charged if the client uses the extended functionality provided by the opportunities;
  • many services are included by default (the so-called flat rate).

Commission types

Various fees are directly related to bank settlement accounts. The modern classification includes such popular types as:

  • individual – are additional services, and the service is free of charge;
  • annual – are charged, as a rule, one-time and this fact is mandatory spelled out in the contract

The return of funds paid in accordance with the approved obligations between the parties is subject to a number of specific rules:

  • as of recently, there is no legal requirement to make a management fee unless explicit consent has been given to this action;
  • even in the case of passive use of the services provided by the bank, it is possible to terminate this conditional agreement;
  • it is also important to respond in a timely manner to changes that are advertised by the banking system in relation to its customers, but no later than two months in advance;
  • if the payment of fees has already been made in full, it is possible in a written application to demand compensation in the prescribed amount;
  • do not forget about the limitation period, which is three years.

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