Sell ​​an apartment through the agency

Rubric: useful | Date: 2013-03-13

Hello, dear readers of real estate blog. Do not know how to sell your apartment? Thinking about buyers as quickly as possible? The legal “purity of the transaction” is worried? Then you’re the time to consider the proposals of real estate agencies. There are a lot of advantages in their work. And most of it works exclusively in the conditions of receiving a commission from the buyer. Agree, this cannot but rejoice. They will do all the work for you and they won’t take anything for it. Once there are individual real estate agencies practicing precisely the division of their commission into both participants in the transaction, but this is a rarity. And so, the agent will visit the property that the owners plan to sell. This is necessary in order to describe all the details of the design in detail, features and much more. This will definitely speed up the search for the buyer. Photos of all rooms will be taken, if necessary – freezing cubature. Often, realtors ask to show immediately the plan of the apartment and the main package of documents.  Ordinary overwhelming, what exactly the owner wants to sell an apartment, and not a third party.

All real estate agencies act on one principle. First, the potential circle of those who wish to purchase an apartment of this size is determined first.  Visorins are prescribed. If no one decides to buy, ads for sale with realtors’ contacts begin to be placed.  The process can last from a couple of days to a month. It all depends on the desired value for real estate, its condition and a package of existing documents.

In general, the intermediary sooner or later, but he will find the only buyer and the deal will happen.

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