Natural stone countertops

The countertop, for the production of which a natural stone is used, is not just a unique element in its beauty, but a real masterpiece in the kitchen space, which includes attractiveness, reliability and durability. The most important advantage of such a coating is the resistance to abrasion. She is not able to crack and does not warp after a while.

How to choose a countertop

In order to choose the right countertops from granite and marble, the first thing to pay attention to, it is to its shape. It can be completely different even intricate, depending on the wishes of the buyers themselves.

Next, you need to pay attention to the edge of the product. It can be three types:




The last type of edge looks especially attractive, but such countertops are produced only to order.

Next, you need to decide on the color. It is chosen relative to the color of the kitchen set. Also, the rock of the stone has an important role. Basically, modern countertops are made of marble or granite.

Granite countertop

Granite countertop is great to equip the work surface. It can be either a reception at a hotel or a bar counter. The predominant characteristics of such a countertop are that the material provides high strength, the lack of moisture mulification and durability. However, such a countertop requires attention, namely, it must be treated with a special solution, which will allow the surface to protect it from the effects of all external factors.

Marble countertops

In the kitchen space, a marble countertop is able to create special comfort and comfort. Its diverse color scheme allows you to use marble products in almost any design solution. However, noble marble is quite capricious and does not want to see plastic or chipboard near him. Otherwise, he just ceases to attract attention. An ideal marble option is an expensive tree, glass or metal.

Counting counters

Despite the fact that the countertop from granite does not require much attention, they must be treated accurately. It is then that she will be able to maintain her original appearance for a fairly long time. The main thing is that in time the surface is processed with special compounds to protect. Such a solution allows you to create a protective film that will not allow acid and alkalis to get inside. In general, stone products are not whimsical.

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