How to choose safe flooring?

Today the choice of floor coverings in the market is huge. Sometimes we do not even suspect that we use poor -quality material. Therefore, you need to be very careful when buying and demand a quality certificate from the seller.

If you decide to purchase environmentally friendly flooring, then choose a parquet board or parquet.

From which floor coverings are made?

They are made of natural wood, very practical and perfectly complement the interior of the room. But any parquet requires the correct selection of varnish coating, otherwise it will lose all its positive qualities. Carefully take the choice of varnish and glue for parquet. The varnishes of synthetic origin distinguish an aromatic hydrocarbon, which has xylol and toluene in its composition. With prolonged contact, they cause disturbances of the nervous system, itching, burning.

Glue that releases toxic substances of toluene and acetone can also be unsafe. Its use can cause miscarriages and infertility in women.

Laminate is considered the most affordable parquet substitute. It is a multi -layer material. The upper layer is a synthetic resin, the main supporting layer is a strong chipboard. Picking for wood chips has in its composition formaldehyde, which negatively affects the nervous and immune systems.

What floor coverings should be chosen carefully?

Caution the choice of linoleum. Not all manufacturers seek to produce products corresponding to GOST. Some types of linoleum can distinguish organic substances when heated.

Carpet is considered a safe flooring. The only drawback is that it can be contraindicated in allergy sufferers. Over time, microorganisms (ticks) cause exacerbations in asthmatics in the carpet.

Always try to choose only safe flooring, since only they can prove to you that the money spent on quality products always benefit any person. The main thing is that you feel protected.

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