How to choose a suitcase

Despite the fact that most of the vacations fall on the summer season, when everyone goes where: some to the seas behind the southern tan, some for suburban cottages for the harvest of ripe fruits and berries, at another time of the year, a stream of people hurry to stations with large suitcases, It remains still great. We will talk about how to choose a suitcase in this article.

The size

The first point of choice will be the size. Suitcases are divided into categories in size. The desired volume is determined exclusively by the needs of the buyer. If you need to fit a lot of things plus technology or other accessories, it is worth giving preference to large suitcases with a system of tracks that have one large compartment. Tracks will help to easily drag baggage, since the weight will not have to be completely and completely carry in the hand. If there is no need for a large size and the trip does not drag on, you can choose a smaller model. If you buy a small suitcase, it will not fit in the luggage and this will break all plans. And if there is free space in a large suitcase – this is not a misfortune. The main thing is that all things will definitely fit into it.


Yes, the transport that will take you on a trip also plays a role. This has nothing to do with ferries, trains and buses, since in the case of ships with trains, the suitcase will remain under personal supervision, and in the bus, the bus in any case will be sent to the luggage department.

A special case is an airplane, because it contains both luggage cells in the cabin and a common luggage space located in the corps of a winged machine. There is a rule “21” here. If baggage, the size of up to 21 inches is diagonally, then it can be raised aboard like hand luggage, otherwise it will be laid in the luggage compartment.

Baggage weight

All suitcases are designed for a certain load. Usually in medium suitcases it is no more than 30 kg. As with the size, here you need to definitely decide and estimate which load can be put in a bought bag.

When buying, pay attention to the label, it says what weight is permissible. Here you can not get lost in 3 pines. The main thing when calculating the weight is to take it with a small margin so as not to miss when buying.


Track system – one of the most important articles of choice. It is worth looking at this part immediately after calculating the weight, since these values ​​are directly correlated. The useful weight of the load is written in order not to overload the wheels of the suitcase. Here we must take into account the fact that when overloading the wheels, they can simply break or the frame on which they are mounted can be sorely sagging, as a result of which the luggage will drain on the ground. This will cause damage to both the design and the materials of the upholstery.

Suitcases can be equipped with systems of 2 or 4 wheels. The same principle acts here as when choosing the volume of “the more – the better”. It is better to give preference to the system with 4 wheels, since the weight in it is distributed more evenly, and the load per wheel less than in the scheme with 2 wheels.

Plus, its advantage is that if a wheel comes out of the system, 3 workers remain, which will replace the lost part before the repair. The principle of “the more – the better” relates to the very wheel. The larger its size, the easier the complex types of surfaces (brilliance, sidewalk, steps, etc.P.).

The material of the movement system is also important. There are silicone, polyurethane and plastic units. It is better to make a choice in favor of the first. Since they almost do not erase and do not give noise when moving along gradient surfaces.

A pen

This is not so important, but it can make life easier on the journey. It is better to give preference to models of suitcases with a retractable telescopic handle, since when laying baggage in transport, a stationary pen may interfere. The pipes of the handle should be made of metal and only from metal to withstand long stress loads.

These are the main points that ensure the key to success in choosing a good suitcase.

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