How to choose a children’s circle for swimming

As soon as the summer season begins, a huge selection of all kinds of swimming funds for every taste and for people of any age appears in stores. The counters are broken from inflatable circles and vests, inflatable boats and other accessories. Most accessories for swimming are acquired for children who are not yet able to swim. How to choose the most suitable swimming accessories for the child? We will try to give you some tips on how to choose swimming funds for the child.

Choosing a circle for the neck

Circle to support the neck is the most common auxiliary water device. It is recommended for the child in four months, and you can use the circle until they reach the three years. Of course, you need to monitor the increase in size. The smallest circles are produced with an external diameter of40 cm, and inner –8 cm. The weight of the child who is intended for such a circle may be in the range from 3 to15 kg. Older children can wear circles for the neck with an external diameter of 37 cm, and internal – about 10 cm (the age of a child from six months to three years). If you choose the right circle, you can use it even an infants with it. Nothing will threaten him. It is very important that the circle is equipped with a chin fixer. This increases reliability and protects the baby from slipping into water.

The choice of an inflatable pool

Children who have reached six months, know how to sit, may well swim in an inflatable pool. Summer hot day the pool can be installed in the shade of the courtyard. Pools are now produced in a large assortment, completely different sizes. A pool is suitable for a small child whose depth is from 15 to25 cm, an older child can buy a larger pool, up to50 cm deep, up to two meters wide. An adult can also swim in such a pool.

The choice must meet the following criteria:

Strong walls;

The inflatable bottom to sit comfortably and it did not freeze;

An older child needs to choose a pool with a flat bottom so that he can walk in it;

The material of the pool is a dense high -quality rubber so that it cannot be broken by mechanically;

A small roof or an ultraviolet can not hurt.

Also, to protect children on the water, you can purchase inflatable vests, water walkers, overslete, inflatable circles, inflatable mattresses and a variety of inflatable toys. Good summer.

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