Exo-Burj project: Burdzh-Khalifa in a fabric wrapper

The highest structure of the world is a tower called Burdzh Khalifa, the construction of which took place from 2004 and to 2010, for a given period of time is known to the whole world not only as the highest building on Earth, but also as the most famous attraction of Dubai. With all responsibility, it can be stated that Burdzh Khalifa is a real work of art in terms of engineering and architectural skills. Other developers only have to equal this magnificent structure. Employees of the OP-ON studio, who offered to wrap the skyscraper into a transparent fabric, decided to correctly adjust the appearance of the skyscraper.

We, in our homeland, have a more trivial task – to buy Serpukhov plumbing, not real estate in Dubai. Although in any cities of the world in one way or another they are interested in plumbing.

Dubai Architectural Studio OP-E has developed its own project, called Exo-Burj. Its essence is to form a skyscraper around the skyscraper, the height of which exceeds 825 meters, a huge semi-cylinder-domed, which is planned to be created from transparent and light fabric. Thus, the whole building will be fully protected in height. Such a rather original solution will in no way affect the overall stability of the Burge Halphus, but the visual design can be significantly supplemented.

The main functional purpose of the fabric curtain is the implementation of the screen, which with the sunset, can be used for light show programs. For this period of time, certain light programs are kept on the surface of the structure, but through such a new constructive element, the entire task can be greatly simplified, since the need to take into account the curved form of the skyscraper itself will disappear.

In accordance with the proposed version of the Exo-Burj project, it provides for the creation of a curtain on one side of the skyscraper.

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