Benefits of using penetration testing to secure your business

In the modern digital world, where most of the business processes are carried out via the Internet, the protection of data and information infrastructure is becoming one of the priorities for companies of all industries and sizes. Every day in the news you can find reports of cyber attacks, data breaches and other complexities related to Internet security. That is why more and more companies are starting to turn to penetration testing specialists or penetration testing.

Pentest plays an important role and that is why it is customary to actively use Penetration Testing, including PtaaS. This refers to the process in which a specialized team of experts actively checks for vulnerabilities in a company’s network infrastructure and applications, materially or virtually creating the conditions for an attack on the system.

Main goals and objectives

The main goal of penetration testing is to find vulnerabilities and security issues before attackers do it. As soon as these problems are discovered, experts provide detailed reports and recommendations for their elimination.

Thus, after penetration testing, the company will be able to take measures to strengthen the security of its network and eliminate possible risks.

In addition, there are a few other important things to note:

  • many computer experts compare penetration testing with “ethical hacking”. Unlike real cyber attacks, here it is carried out with the consent and cooperation of the system owners, with a full description of the testing methodology and expected results;
  • this approach allows companies to see their network infrastructure through the eyes of intruders and take the necessary measures to protect it;
  • the results can be especially useful for companies that store sensitive user data – credit cards, personal data and other valuable information;
  • such testing is also recommended for those involved in software development to ensure the safety of their products.

Benefits and Conclusions

The obvious benefit of penetration testing is the increased security and reliability. The presence of vulnerabilities in the system can be dangerous for customers as well. The following should be additionally noted:

  • information leaks can lead to loss of reputation, losses and legal problems. Penetration testing also helps companies comply with legal requirements in the field of data security, such as GDPR or PCI DSS;
  • the investment may prove to be the most cost-effective solution for securing your business;
  • penetration testing allows you to identify vulnerabilities and risks that can be much more expensive in the event of a real cyber attack or data leakage. This ensures business protection is a proactive step to prevent future difficulties.

Penetration testing is one of the most effective means of improving the security of any business.

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